Sinister side of spice trade jute bags soaked in heroin

first_imgNew Delhi: The Netflix Breaking Bad series was recreated in lanes and bylanes of Delhi’s Zakir Nagar where two Afghan nationals set up a heroin reconstitution unit which went unnoticed for several months.The way the heroin was transported to India has raised the eyebrows of even the best investigative officers of Delhi Police. In a first of its kind creative modus operandi, the drug cartel in Afghanistan was found using a unique transportation mode of heroin to India. Also Read – Gurdwara Bangla Sahib bans single use plasticHeroin was dissolved in a preservative solution and ordinary jute bags, meant for carrying various kinds of spices and condiments, are soaked and dried in this heroin solution. A clandestine network of operatives ensured that all marked jute bags, after emptying their cargo, are sent to the chosen site where the heroin dried in the absorbent jute fibre is carefully extracted, reconstituted and processed following delicate chemical processes before being packed into one kilogram parcels for onward transportation towards markets of intense demand like Punjab and also for onward trans-national movement through southern states from where they reach Sri Lanka and eventually other territories. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe wide syndicate network ensured that the marked jute bags were collected in India by their men and sent to the Industrial set up to extract heroin based in South East Delhi’s Zakir Nagar. The syndicate sent their two best men Shinwari Rehmat Gul (30) and Akhtar Mohammad Shinwari (31) to oversee the operation of heroin processing unit set up in Zakir Nagar. However, the technique was meant to dodge the investigation officers but the continuous movement of luxury cars in the area with foreigners gave their game away. The cops followed the luxury cars and busted the entire network with the arrest of five people including the two Afghanistan nationals. Heroin worth Rs 600 crore has been seized in total.last_img read more