POLISH FINAL Wisla VS Kielce 12

The new Polish Champions are not known yet. In the third match Vive Targi Kielce was defeated by Orlen Wisła Płock 27:31; it means that the finals are prolonged by at least one game. Kielce arrived in Płock hoping to end the play offs on Saturday. The second game was supposed to be a lesson from which they were to draw the conclusions but the beginning seemed to deny that. After a couple minutes and couple Kielce’s mistakes, Płock led 3:1. “Iskra” had difficulties in breaking through Wisła’s tough defence. Not only couldn’t they handle Płock’s defence, they also had problems with their own one. Mariusz Jurkiewicz did with it whatever he wanted and hit the net over and over again. Poor attack and a few good Wichary’s interventions in the goal made Kielce’s situation a bit complicated. However, the defending champions came from behind and in 26. minute equalized at 12:12; then did not let Wisła make the gap bigger than one goal. The half time result was 15:14 for Płock.As this game was the last chance for Wisła to stay in the game, the atmosphere both among the fans and on the court was tense. The first confrontation took place already in the 3. minute as Denis Buntić and Kamil Syprzak wanted to exchange a few words with each other. A few minutes later, Lijewski’s foul on Zorman engaged entire teams but the quarrel was quickly prevented. By the end of the first half both Eklemović and Grabarczyk were sent off the court for 2 minutes.The second half was opened by two fine saves by (almost invisible before) Szmal. Kielce wasted about 3 chances to take the lead (including 2 wasted penalty shots) until they finaly did it in 39. minute (19:18). However, they were not able to keep it and ten minutes later Wisła had 4 goals more. In the last minutes Kielce were discouraged by Marcin Wichary; also temporarily absent due to a head injury Jurkiewicz came back and started scoring again. Kielce poor mistakes in attack sealed the deal and they lost the chance to win the third game.The fourth game is taking place on Sunday, again in Płock.TEXT: MARTYNA USNARSKA ← Previous Story CRAZY FINISH: THW Kiel new-old champion! Next Story → Alingsas HK are the new Swedish champions! read more