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first_img…on young Guyanese achievementsYour Eyewitness was tickled pink (figuratively, of course because he’s too pigmentally challenged to achieve that effect!) when he read about 17-year-old Kelly Hyles being accepted to every one of the eight Ivy League schools in the US! He’d only just come off the high of West Indians copping all three of the ICC’s T-20 World Cup Tournaments! And now this! His cup runneth over.If we needed confirmation that Guyanese can measure up to any other group in the world, this is it. Our young’uns within Guyana had been churning out CSEC’s like there’s no tomorrow for a decade now – but some felt the exams might’ve been diluted from the old GCE’s of decades back. And wondered how we’d stack up against stiffer competition than other West Indians. This Eyewitness was never of that ilk…But Miss Hyles’ performance answered that question! And her admissions isn’t one of those “Affirmative Action” squeeze-ins – this young lady attended one of the eight high schools in NYC that demands a competitive exam that thousands write to vie for the spots.Kelly would’ve probably just completed her NGSA before she migrated and her comment that “school in different” in Guyana is telling. We shouldn’t knock our schooling too much…our curriculum’s top notch. And once we start paying teachers what they’re worth…we’ll garner wider demonstration of our excellence. Kelly’s point about the need for discipline during the early years is also important – and while this Eyewitness will have no truck with corporal punishment – he accepts there has to be some sort of sanctions imposed to inculcate discipline.Kelly’s performance was matched by another girl from NY – Uwamanzu-Nna. She’s is of Nigerian parentage – and this brings up the point your Eyewitness wants to make. When folks go as immigrants to countries, they already have a firmness of purpose as to the “why”. They want to succeed – and they’ll do this by any means necessary.People from the Caribbean, Africa and India do well in the States because they go there with this drive and determination. Kelly’s mother holds down two jobs. Back in Guyana, there are some who spout a lot of nonsense about “some who can’t achieve” and “others who can” as if it’s genetic. If we check history, it all boils down to some coming here as immigrants and maintained their immigrant drive. Some. Just as Kelly and her mother are doing in the States.What’s needed is for leaders to ensure there are level playing fields – and inculcate in all groups the belief that success WILL come out of hard work.…on eyes openingWhen the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was being pilloried by the Kaieteur News and all kinds of “experts” and NGO’s (most times the two were the same)…the Opposition-now-in-Government were rubbing their hands in glee. If it wasn’t one manufactured scandal, it was another. This paper and this Eyewitness pointed out it all had to do with the envy and jealously KN’s MookLall, striking out when he didn’t get his way – only he should be enriched, feted and courted.Well…the shoe’s on the other foot. He’s still not getting his way – as much as he wants, anyway – and he’s once again hitting out and orchestrating the usual suspects of “experts” and “NGO’s” to sing his tune. And Pressie’s mad as hell and just defend his “Government”.But he should notice the venom and vitriol aren’t thrown at the entire Government – just the APNU/PNC wing. The AFC’re getting a free ride.And with good reason: who’d you think are producing the leaks?!…on mediocrity exposedRawls Lucas fancies himself as a financial maven. On the weekend the Panama Papers exposed the largest money launderers in the world – he wrote his “exposé” on the subject.But beats up on unmentioned Guyana while writing NOTHING about Britain as one of the largest law breakers!last_img read more

Interpreters strike courts in 3 counties

first_imgMore than 400 court interpreters walked off their jobs Wednesday at courthouses in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The walkout began at 8 a.m. with striking interpreters picketing five Los Angeles County courthouses, blowing whistles and chanting “No equal treatment.” Some of the estimated 75 strikers at the downtown criminal courthouse hoisted signs reading “Interpret this.” County court spokeswoman Patricia Kelly said the walkout wasn’t disrupting court business. “All of our courtrooms are operating normally today and we don’t anticipate anything other than that,” she said. The California Federation of Interpreters, representing the striking workers, said low wages and poor working conditions have led to a shortage of courtroom interpreters. The federation said there is a shortage of 20 to 40 interpreters each day in Los Angeles. Additionally, according to the union, wages are one-third to one-half what interpreters are paid by other employers. “Interpreters have only had two cost-of-living increases in eight years,” federation chief Silvia Barden said in a statement. “We’re excluded from the salary-step system other employees have that provides regular increases based on years of service.” The interpreters, who want a step salary system giving them a 5 percent raise each year for seven years, have been negotiating over pay since May. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Pirate Bay founder sentenced to 2 years in Sweden hacking case

first_imgAdvertisement Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, a co-founder of file-sharing website Pirate Bay has been sentenced to two years in jail for hacking into computers at a company that manages data for Swedish authorities and making illegal online money transfers, a court said.He was extradited to Sweden last year from Cambodia to begin a one-year jail sentence after being convicted in 2009 of internet piracy. He was then charged by authorities as part of the separate hacking investigation.[related-posts]“The hacking has been very extensive and technically advanced, The attacker has affected very sensitive systems.” the Nacka district court said in a statement. – Advertisement – Warg, a 28-year-old Swede, managed to transfer 24,200 Danish crowns ($4,300) online, but also attempted, in several different transactions, to transfer a total of around 683,000 euros ($915,500).The investigation was into data infringement involving outsourcing firm Logica. Swedish authorities have said the hackers gained access to information on several people with protected identities.In the 2009 trial, a court in Sweden – where The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 – fined and sentenced to jail Warg and two co-founders then behind the site for breaching copyright in a case brought by firms including Sony Universal Music and EMI.Swedish prosecutors in May launched a new attempt to close down Pirate Bay, which provides links to music and movie files stored on other users’ computers.The site is now run by an unknown group and uses a domain name registered in Sint Maarten, a Dutch territory in the Caribbean.Source: Reuterslast_img read more