UN resolution supports SA 2010

first_imgDanny Jordaan, chief executive of the2010 Fifa World Cup organisingcommittee, presents UN secretary-generalBan Ki-Moon with a South African nationalfootball jersey during their meeting at theUN headquarters in New York.(Image: 2010 OC)MEDIA CONTACTS• Delia FischerFifa Media Officer (2010)+27 11 567 2010+27 11 567 2524+27 83 2010 [email protected]• Wolfgang EichlerFifa Media Officer (2010)+27 11 567 2010+27 83 2010 471+27 11 567 [email protected]• Rich MkhondoChief of Communications2010 Organising Committee+27 83 201 [email protected]• Jermaine CraigMedia Manager2010 Organising Committee+27 83 201 [email protected] ARTICLES• Star-studded concert for 2010• Stadiums ‘on track’ for 2010• Ships pitch in for 2010• Get kitted for Football Fridays • 2010 final draw accreditationMediaClubSouthAfrica.com reporterWith the United Nations General Assembly passing a resolution in support of South Africa’s 2010 Fifa World Cup, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has urged tournament organisers to take advantage of the unique opportunity it offers to change Africa’s image.“There is great power in this. It is a time to present a different story of the African continent, a story of peace, democracy and investment,” Ban said at a meeting with Danny Jordaan, the organising committee’s chief executive, at a meeting at the UN headquarters in New York on 21 October.Ban reminisced about his native Korea Republic co-hosting Asia’s first Fifa World Cup with Japan in 2002, saying the tournament was about far more than the 90 minutes on the pitch – it touched every corner of the globe.Referring to Korea’s own history of conflict, he said the game of football, more than any other sport, united people and built solidarity and consensus. He said the 2010 event would do the same for South Africa.Jordaan said the World Cup would play an important role in consolidating the new South Africa. “The World Cup is a dream that began in 1994, the first year of our democracy, and is part of our ongoing efforts as a nation to build unity in our country,” he said.“Peace is not just the absence of war. Peace is creating circumstances that create hope. The legacy of this World Cup embarks on changing the circumstances of many people through its social legacy projects, job creation and advancements in telecommunications and infrastructure.”It was an important week for the organising committee, with the European playoffs draw on Monday and Soccer City, the World Cup’s showpiece stadium, being inaugurated at a roof-wetting ceremony on Wednesday. The week also saw the General Assembly passing a unanimous resolution to endorse the 2010 tournament as a platform for social development and peace across Africa.Jordaan invited Ban to attend the 2010 Fifa World Cup, to experience Africa in celebration.“The UN Secretary General must not only come to the continent when there is war, when he wants to talk about Darfur,” Jordaan said at a media briefing after the meeting. “He must come to Africa when Africa celebrates, when Africa excels. When there is good news, he must always be there.”Baso Sangqu, South Africa’s ambassador to the United Nations, praised the support the General Assembly had given the country’s World Cup efforts.“This resolution is the first of its kind and underpins the global support to the commitment of South Africa to not just make this another sporting event, but to ensure that it is based on the agenda for peace, development and stability for Africa – in the hope that these benefits will trickle through far beyond the final whistle,” he said.“This resolution will continue to energise and engage the United Nations to walk this path with South Africa and Africa.”last_img read more

Focus on education paying off: Zuma

first_img9 February 2012South Africa’s push for universal access to education, and for improved learning and teaching, are starting to pay off, President Jacob Zuma told Parliament in Cape Town on Thursday evening.Delivering his fourth State of the Nation address, Zuma noted that over eight-million learners were attending no-fee schools and benefitting from the government’s school feeding scheme, with school attendance now close to 100 percent for the compulsory band of 7-15 years of age.“A major achievement is the doubling of grade R enrolment, from 300 000 in 2003 to 705 000 in 2011,” Zuma said. “We appear poised to meet our target of 100 percent coverage for grade R by 2014.”However, he noted that the government remained concerned by the report of the General Household Survey in 2010 that just over 120 000 children in the 7-15 year old band were out of school.‘In school, in class, on time’Zuma also congratulated the teachers, learners, parents and the communities for the efforts, which saw an increase in last year’s matric pass rate, adding that the government’s intensive focus on education was paying off.“We will continue to invest in producing more teachers who can teach mathematics, science and African languages. Our call to teachers to be in school, in class, on time, teaching for at least seven hours a day remains pivotal to success … we thank the teacher unions for supporting this campaign.”Higher education targetsWith regards to higher education, Zuma said the government was exceeding its targets, with close to 14 000 school leavers being placed in workplace learning opportunities over the past year, and over 11 000 artisans having completed their trade tests.He was pleased to see an increase in the number of learners attending Further Education and Training (FET) colleges, and urged parents to encourage their children to enrol in these colleges, as the country needed the skills these colleges were offering.To expand access to tertiary education, Zuma announced that R200-million was spent on helping 25 000 students to pay off their debts to institutions of higher learning last year.He further announced that a total of R300-million had been allocated for preparatory work towards building new universities in Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Team Whiteboarding with Twiddla

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting If your team is spread out over a wide geographic region, online collaboration tools are key to getting everyone on the same page. Something that dispersed teams haven’t had much opportunity to use use are whiteboards, which can be really useful in brainstorming sessions. But now, with Twiddla, this year’s winner of the Technical Achievement award at SXSW, comes a team whiteboarding service that offers a no-setup, online meeting web site for team collaboration. Twiddla can be used to mark up web sites, graphics, photos, or even start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Users can either sign up for the service by creating an account, or can just start using it in “guest mode.” A public sandbox is also available if you just want to check it out to see if it would work for you.If you do decide to use it to set up your own meetings, you can set them as either “public” or “private” and email invitations to your intended participants. Meeting participants are displayed in Twiddla’s sidebar and with just a click, you can start chatting with them using an audio chat feature that utilizes your computer’s microphone and speakers to take the brainstorming session from a chat session to a live conference call.Image from the Twiddla blogThe whiteboard tool in Twiddla lets you draw freehand, insert shapes, insert text, and insert media. You can use Twiddla’s built-in shapes or upload files from your own computer. Text can be entered in directly or can be placed in a text bubble or on a post-it note. A box at the top of the screen lets you enter in a URL of your choosing to pull up any web site on the internet. You can then overlay your drawings on top of the web site that is displayed.But I think the Twiddla team sums it up the best. When I clicked over to their “features” page, only two items were mentioned: “Kicks A**, Doesn’t Cost Anything.”I’d like to add to that list: Works. Twiddla is now in public beta. Related Posts Tags:#Product Reviews#web#Web Office sarah perezcenter_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Never Missing A Beat: Philly’s Own DJ Casper

first_img Philly’s own DJ Casper has helped set the standard for DJs not only in his hometown but in hip-hop period, for quite some time. He put Philadelphia on the map as a city that’s produced some of the best turntable pros. The talented mixer got his start DJing at local Dollar parties as well as honing his skills at Dances nightclub. Since then, DJ Casper has toured and opened for some on the biggest names in music and recently made history as the first DJ to sign with the label DarkChild. Known formally as ‘The International DJ Casper’, find out what inspired this local star to get started and what project he currently has in the works. Q&A With DJ Casper Philly 360°: What musical influences did you have growing up? What made you decide to start DJing? My brothers Kelly and Johnny (RIP), were my musical influences. Kelly was the one that was a DJ, and Johnny was the rapper. But Johnny was the one that taught me how to DJ. Johnny got killed when I was a young teenager. Losing both my brother and mother became my motivation and my fire. I was intrigued by my brothers’ talents and I would always mess around with their equipment when they weren’t home. When I first put my hand on the turntables and heard the sound I could make, known as “scratching”, I was hyped up and excited by the sound and wanted to learn more about the art of DJing.
 Philly 360°: You started out DJing at local “Dollar Parties” and then at Dances Nightclub. How did this help you grow your skills? It helped me grow my skills by allowing me to continuously DJ in front of an audience. I was DJing almost every day. I would DJ Dollar parties three days a week to get my skills up. Then at Dances Nightclub, I would DJ four nights a week, and on “Super Sundays” I would DJ noon-2 p.m. for children, 2-8 p.m. for the teens, and 8 p.m – 4 a.m. for the young adults. During that time Dances was like a DJ college for me. 
 Philly 360°: How did growing up in Philadelphia, in particular, impact your craft? Philly is the home of the best DJs. And the home of the realest people. They are the most raw and uncut and will let you know if you’re talented or not. Philly people do not hold back and breed the best DJs; DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money being prime examples. I grew up listening to them and studying their techniques in order to perfect my own craft, so I could make a better life for myself. As a project kid growing up down 23rd and Diamond, you can get caught up in street life real quick. Seeing close friends losing their lives and getting locked up all the time will help you make your mind up quick on how you want your future to look. Already having a love for music and a talent for DJing, I saw a bright future and have been working towards my dreams ever since. Philly 360°: In 2007 you launched your own independent label – Caspaws Music Group. What has been your vision for the label and what doors has it opened? My vision for my label was to help indie artists get recognition in the Philadelphia market. By being able to produce, record, edit, arrange, mix and master, and DJ the music that I had created, I was able to be a one-stop shop and keep everything in-house; thereby enabling me to cut costs and get things done in a timely fashion. I wanted to help Indie artists reach the next level in their music careers, the same way I had help in my career. I also wanted to mentor and guide young artists who had a passion and love for music just as I was guided at a young age myself. That’s the vision I had for Caspaws Music Group. It opened up the doors for me to be recognized as a producer and not just a DJ. 
 Philly 360°: You recently became the first DJ ever to sign with DarkChild. How did that come about? I am really good friends with Terry “Buzz” Brown, Rodney Jerkins’ cousin, best friend, and the A&R of DarkChild. Rodney was looking for a DJ to sign to DarkChild and to manage because he feels that the DJ is going to be the next form of artistry on the rise. Rodney asked Buzz to find some DJs for him. Out of the twenty-four DJs he listened to, I was the one that was picked. He wanted to meet with me so I went to New York, met with him, and the rest is history.
 Philly 360°: You’ve toured with and opened up for artists such as Gerald Levert, Akon, Young Jeezy, Omarion, Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy—among others. What has been the highlight of your career thus far? Going on several national and international tours and having the chance to meet such dope artists from all walks of life were all great experiences but the highlight of my career thus far has been being recognized by an icon such as Rodney Jerkins. That’s the moment I truly felt all my hard work, sacrifices and God-given talent had finally paid off.   Philly 360°: What is a typical day like for DJ Casper? A typical day [for me] is getting up making my fresh fruit smoothie and doing my workout, hopping onto my email accounts then going into the studio to DJ for my mix shows, producing tracks, and mixing down records. At night, I DJ at a variety of venues in and out of town, and normally when I get back home, I am back in the studio or tweeting my fans and supporters. 
 Philly 360°: Among your many accomplishments, you’re also the official DJ for 104.7 FM (KDUK) now. Do you have any other projects you’re working on? What’s next for DJ Casper? As of 2013, I signed a deal to be one of the official DJs for Music Choice Television Network. You can tune in weekly to see and hear me on the Rap Channel. I’m extremely excited and honored to be a part of Music Choice. I’m now working on my personal project titled “First the DJ” and also my First the DJ clothing line. I’m also working on projects with my jeweler “SK”, owner of Empire Jewelers, as well as gearing up for my International Tour overseas. I have other deals in the works so to keep up with what’s next visit djcas.com, twitter.com/DJCasperDJC, instagram.com/DJCasperDJC, and facebook.com/DJCasperDJC #WatchMyWork #FirstTheDJ. DJ Casper(Ben Henry)last_img read more