These Owl Cafés in Japan Are Cute But Not Great For Owls

first_img Launchpad Blaze Postpones JAXA’s Cargo Ship Launch to ISSJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu Stay on target When you sit down to a delicious dinner with all your favorite foods and beverages, things probably seem perfect, right? But what could make it even better? Enjoying your food with some sweet, adorable-looking owls. That would make it immensely more interesting and cute at the same time.That’s exactly what you can do at Owl Village, one of several owl cafés found scattered throughout Japan. You can play with and pet the eight owls in the establishment and take photos of the owls, who are often tied to their perch with a rope so they can’t just fly away from all the patrons. Unfortunately, this makes for a pretty stressful environment for the birds, and that’s something to consider when it comes to how much of a good time they’re providing for visitors.Owl Village’s representative Aya Matsuda spoke to Mirror and noted that the café is aware of the issues with the animals and they want to make sure they don’t have to go through that kind of treatment. According to Chihiro Okada, an activist at Tokyo’s Animal Rights Center, tying the owls’ legs and interrupting their sleep cycles could be considered animal abuse.It’s unfortunate that the owls are being used as set pieces and playthings for kids, who really shouldn’t be allowed near animals like that when there’s little supervision. Taking photos and watching the owls do what they please in an enclosed space would be a better solution, and banning children from getting near the birds. Even though they’re adorable, we shouldn’t take their welfare for granted.Unfortunately, cool things like this do come at a price, so as awesome as it may be to hang out with owls while you eat a snack, you’ve got to make sure you’re mindful of these living creatures’ happiness too. So while these owl cafés sound cool, they’re really not that great of an idea at all in their current state.last_img read more