Post-Covid-19 – The futrure of work culture

first_imgAll industries in the entire globe, are suffering badly because of the #Covid19 outbreak. #Ecologicaleconomics is reflecting a sense of disquietude. The entire business world has shaken due to a sudden downfall in the economy which is the result of lockdown. In this current scenario, it is expected from the establishment to come up with better policies to retain their existing employees and reducing less impact on wage policies to avoid cut or discontinuation of salaries. At which point, employees also need to be more supportive and productive during this tough period by welcoming such policies, if any establishment introduces to fuel their business till the time, things are normalized in market. Everything will be back soon, but patience and adaptability towards the state guidelines are only the key to come out from this situation. The state should come up with new labour policies which are not only in favour of employees but for employers too as both are supplementary to each other.I believe in saying that, there is always something good in bad. During this period, we have also learned from mother nature that we should not take natural resources and this earth for granted at all. The way nature is healing itself as per various reports published in newspapers and media reports, this is a clear indication to us that we, human beings are the only responsible greenhouse effect, deforestation, and spreading poisonous wastages through rivers and many more factors. Due to rapid industrialization, we have started living in an artificial place made by concrete and cement called a villa, luxuries hotel and offices, shopping malls and restaurantsbut how can we neglect mother nature, after all, whatever we are constructing is surrounded by nature, and we do not have any escape if it presses the restart button to fix all changes made by a human. I am not against development, but it should nothappen at the cost of nature, else this is the only trailer.Now coming back to the actual and realistic scenario of the industry, I must say post-COVID 19 we are now entering a new world where small offices may take place in your house/home. The residential house coming in future will provide space for the so-called call mini office or work from home space. Organizations may preparethemselves for such kind of working culture and will attempt to establish such policies which will motivate employees to work from home and reserve the rights of the organization to avoid any statutory losses. Such policies would be a great start forthose female workers, who have young babies at their home, and nobody at home to look after them in their absence. They will not be much dependent on a maid or if they hire too, still they can keep an eye on household activities by managing home and the office same time now they will be more productive, and this pattern ofworking will suits to women as they are a born -multitasker. This is just an example.An employee can manage their old parents and work also from home.This will reduce the number of leaves in a year and increase productivity and focus on goal achievement. From the Recruitment perspective, now you will have more opportunity to tap those candidates earlier were out of your screen because of theirdomicile location or preferred location scenario. Now they can also be tapped.The company may cut its expenses in managing big corporate houses or branches.WFH will reduce the expense of office administration (electricity, phone, and infrastructure maintenance). The workforce will be more attentive now to connect with the entire team as they are working in virtual space so their proactiveness efficiency will enhance. The organization will not require big parking spaces and cafeteria spaces to entertain all employees. This cost-cutting can be used inemployee welfare by introducing new policies by HR. By adopting this practice, all best possible profiles which can be managed as WFH will save their fuel, jam on the crossing will reduce and no worries to reach on time to your office. This culture will boost the economy of the country and will reduce pollution and the number ofaccidents and crimes happen on the road. Such culture can be developed and implemented but for which concrete work policies, the cooperation of employees in terms of dedication and enthusiasm will be highly required. Information technology can make this dream come true. All we just need to make proper policies, guidelinesfor work from office and home, rotational requirement of the employee in the office or home et, state support to execute these policies to make a win-win situation for employee and employer.We are standing in front of the new world of work culture, now it is time for us to embrace the change.last_img read more

Solicitation effort nets suspect, 32, 15-year sentence

first_img Vavasseur must register as a sex offender for 10 years. BEAUMONT — Judge Raquel West has sentenced Kirt Vavasseur, 32, to 15 years in prison for second-degree online solicitation of a minor.Vavasseur was also sentenced concurrently to 10 years in the Institutional Division in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on three other charges of online solicitation related to the same investigation.In an issued statement, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office said that shortly before Halloween 2017, law enforcement assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force conducted Operation “Trick or Treat” to target individuals attempting to prey on children over the internet. A task force member posed online as a 14-year-old girl named “Jane” and Vavasseur contacted her. Vavasseur told “Jane” he was 16 and not long into their conversation, Vavasseur sent “Jane” four pictures of himself and his genitals. Over the next month, they exchanged sexually explicit messages and he asked her to meet him in person.On Nov. 27, Vavasseur made plans with “Jane” to meet at a store in Fannett where law enforcement identified him and later arrested him on four charges of online solicitation of a minor.Three of the cases were third-degree felonies, with a range of punishment of two to 10 years in TDC. The fourth case was a second-degree felony with a punishment range of two to 20 years TDC because of Vavasseur’s attempt to meet with “Jane.”last_img read more

CIF Elects 2 New Trustees To Continue Initiatives

first_imgMichael Quinn (left), Jeff Wildman (right).The Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) recently elected Michael Quinn and Jeff Wildman to the board of trustees to carry on the foundation’s initiatives throughout the coming years.AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisementMichael Quinn is the director of business development, Western Region for Certified Collision Group (CCG). As a 35-year industry veteran, Quinn has held various positions, and has served the industry in many volunteer roles, including the National Auto Body Council for a total of 11 years (board member and co-founder of the Recycled Rides program), chair of the Collision Industry Relief effort following the Hurricane Katrina tragedy and was inducted into the Collision Repair industry’s “Hall of Eagles.” Quinn served as the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) chairman from 2011-’12. A technician at heart and co-founder of 911 Collision Centers, Quinn is currently active in CIC as the committee mentor for CIC’s Emerging Technologies.Jeff Wildman is the manager – OEM and Industry Relations with BASF. During his 25 year career with BASF, Wildman has held positions such as regional business manager, business development manager, ART marketing manager, operations manager, marketing e-commerce manager, distribution programs manager and sales representative. Wildman currently is active in NABC’s Membership and Distracted Driving & Marketing committees as well as in CIC’s Marketing committee.Trustee Petra Schroeder – CIF secretary – said, “The CIF board of trustees is very excited and honored to have Jeff and Michael join our team. Their industry experience and credibility will make them key contributors to delivering CIF’s mission of helping Collision Industry professionals in need.”last_img read more

ABS Establishes Offshore Energy Center in Huston, USA

first_imgABS, the leading provider of classification services to the global offshore industry, is establishing an office in Houston’s Energy Corridor near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Highway 6.The new facility will co-locate members from ABS engineering, project management, technology and business management, allowing ABS to better serve its client base in this significant energy research and development hub.“ABS recognizes that our customer base in the offshore industry demands on-site support with best-in-class services,” says ABS Chairman Christopher J. Wiernicki. “ABS made the strategic decision to provide greater access to our offshore clients by locating ABS’ industry-focused resources in a dedicated facility in one of the world’s most important energy centers. This move reinforces our commitment to support Houston’s leading energy industry.”In addition to class services, ABS’ West Houston facility will offer education and training seminar rooms for local industry to use on demand. The objective is to provide a forum with access to in-house resources that fosters knowledge-based partnerships and information sharing among operators, service providers, academia and regulatory bodies.The facility is scheduled to open in the first quarter 2014.[mappress]Press release, December 9, 2013; Image: ABSlast_img read more