Jackie is bad karma

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Goldberg to head LAUSD” (Feb. 21): Jackie Goldberg is the perfect example of the career politician, decimating the Board of Education when she was there, hindering the progress of the City Council when she served there and finally protecting child molesters in Sacramento – all the while being paid handsomely by the California taxpayers. Man, as a state we must have really bad karma because she won’t go away. Kim Greene Studio City Jackie termed out Re “Goldberg to head LAUSD” (Feb. 21): I could not believe that anyone would consider Jackie Goldberg to head the LAUSD. Besides being discussed in the Daily News, it has been on KFI radio. We are fortunate that her term limit is up, but to allow her to have anything to do with children would be a crime. Edward Mittleman Glendale In addition … Re “Goldberg to head LAUSD” (Feb. 21): Jackie, please tell us what part of “it can’t be fixed” (LAUSD) don’t you understand? Linda Mann Simi Valley IQ of elected Re “Subway to sea viable?” (Feb. 15): Maybe someone needs to check the air conditioning in the mayor’s office. It seems like no matter who the voters elect, within a couple of months their IQ drops to single digits. Our mayor started out great by scaling back the lame-brained LAX expansion, for which the estimate went from $9 billion to $11 billion while they were only talking about doing it. Now he is backing this subway. Anybody want to guess where this original $10 billion guesstimate will end up? Show some leadership, mayor. How about saying something like “The city has much more pressing quality-of-life issues to deal with at this time and I was elected to address those.” George Timko West Hills DWP real estate Re “DWP’s lots of potential” (Feb. 19): All over L.A., I see Department of Water and Power buildings on prime corner locations. They could certainly relocate these facilities off the main streets to less expensive locations and sell the valuable lots. Maybe we need someone with an eye on the property values in charge of our (DWP’s) real estate holdings. Paul Dumont North Hollywood Owens Valley land Re “Lots of questions; DWP property folly heightens public doubts” (Editorial, Feb. 21): Higher rents for Owens Valley land? Your editorial ignores the value Owens Valley ranchers contribute to Los Angeles as stewards of the land. The main purpose of DWP land ownership is to protect the watershed that for nearly 100 years has provided water and electric generation that fostered Los Angeles remarkable growth. The leases are quite restrictive, e.g. 75 percent of the land must be accessible to the public, available for recreational use. The lower rent trade-off saves the city much greater expense than if it had to take over range management itself. David J. Oliphant Retired assistant city attorney LADWP Give them crack Re “Judge’s order spares killer” (Feb. 22): I agree with the doctors: Why should they be forced to “oversee lethal injection” of convicted rapist-murderers? Just put these scumbags in solitary confinement and give them unlimited quantities of crack cocaine. Also, it would be wise for county supervisors to demand that jailed inmates be allowed cigarettes. They may well calm the nerves of these unruly thugs with the added benefit of pumping carcinogens into their lungs. Bob Ginn Arcadia Our legacy Re “Judge’s order spares killer” (Feb. 22): So the American Medical Association states it is unethical for doctors to attend the execution of a convicted rapist and murderer. The reason? It contradicts a doctor’s Hippocratic oath to prevent harm. And yet, each year doctors attend the execution of 1.5 million unborn American babies. What a legacy we are leaving for future generations. Vicki Van Camp Sylmar How victims died Re “Judge’s order spares killer” (Feb. 22): I am always amazed at how many people come out of the woodwork and whine for those that are going to be executed for the grisly murders they committed. For one thing, they got to live 20 years longer than the people or persons they brutally killed, who didn’t want to die. And why is it always over 20 years? Who’s crying for the dead and their families? Who’s crying for how they had to die, “their” civil rights to live long and prosper, and most of them at such a young age? Give it a rest and get on with it. Hire people to double-check all of the evidence against those on Death Row and don’t let it go on for 20 years after the death of the innocents. What happened to swift justice? Joan Olear Burbank A man’s choice On Wednesday, the Daily News’ featured front-page story: Man crashes car! The story includes a bullet-point list of features of the fancy sports car. Not considered front-page news, two stories nestle on Page 8: “Supreme Court kick-starts abortion showdown” and “Lawmakers are preparing to vote on a bill that would outlaw nearly all abortions in South Dakota.” Let me guess: the editor of the Daily News is a man. Lorelei Smith Chatsworth Look further, sleuth Re “Odor of acrimony” (Your Opinions, Feb. 21): I admire Detective Dan Taylor’s investigative work in trying to determine why his paper smelled so bad. But he overlooked one important fact. Knee-jerk Bush apologist Rich Lowry’s sophomoric garbage smells so bad that his spot on the page reeks even days after his last column appeared. Michael Helwig Canoga Park We pay more Last weekend I traveled back to Pennsylvania for a family funeral. The fuel prices there were $2.05. Why are folks in California paying so much more? Any answers? Barbara Valiensi Woodland Hills Better than gas Why hasn’t “someone” suggested to the gasoline dealers, stations or whoever to fill the midgrade tanks with ethanol fuel (E-10)? The mixture burns cleaner, cheaper and has a higher octane rating than midgrade gasoline. Most newer cars (2000 on) will run on 10 percent ethanol. Clay Craven Granada Hills Resist the urge Regarding Sol Taylor’s conspiracy theory about Dick Cheney’s exemption from the “usual procedures” following a hunting accident, barring unusual circumstances (factors other than one’s job), testing the shooter in a hunting accident for drugs or alcohol is not routinely done. Local law enforcement was notified in a timely manner. The firearm in question would be held as evidence only if there was a crime involved. Lastly, since the Texas authorities saw fit to cite Cheney for not having a required stamp on his hunting license, I doubt they would give him a pass if local laws call for revoking a hunting license under these circumstances. Let’s resist the urge to create something out of nothing. This incident was an accident, pure and simple. Charles Robinson Saugus Subtle comparison During World War II, a Japanese radio broadcaster and propagandist named Tokyo Rose sought to destroy the morale of our troops by driving home three points, notes Ted Poe, congressman from Texas: “One, your president is lying to you. Two, the war is illegal. Three, you cannot win this war.” Sound like anybody you know? Richard Bussell Sauguslast_img read more