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first_imgThe Chun Il Guk Scripture Compilation Director Young-Whi Kim (87), who took the lead in the Chun Il Guk Scripture publishing operation, has filled the post of FFWPU Korea President three times when Rev. Moon was alive, and as the Chairman of Foundation for the Support of Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, serving in core positions for the Family Federation.After graduating from the Department of Electric Engineering at Seoul National University, with the guidance of his mother, Former Ministry of Health & Social Affairs Director, he knocked on the door of the Unification Church. He is now currently leading the Chun Il Guk Supreme Council of FFWPU. We took a good, long look at the process of publishing the Chun Il Guk Scriptures with Director Kim.How voluminous are the quotations that Rev. Moon left behind, and what kind of books are the 3 Major Scriptures?“’The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’ that contains the words that Rev. Moon gave himself had an average of 350 pages each, and there are up to 615 books, as well as 700 volumes of lectures published. Because we cannot read all of these books, they were systematically categorized and made into the ‘Chun Il Guk Scriptures.’ Now there is a way by which even ordinary people can encounter the teachings of Rev. Moon and his esteemed wife, and I think that it will be a scripture handed down to our descendants in the future.”What is the theory that consistently flows through the 3 Major Scriptures?“Rev. Moon is someone who has walked the path of the providence of restoration that no one else has attempted, fighting against Satan. The tragic history created by the fall of Adam and Eve had to be forgiven and restored. So he pioneered the path of salvation for mankind by indemnifying and restoring the path that Jesus Christ could not fulfill, and developed the path to bring salvation to the ancestors in the spirit world. Therefore, he is a person that returned God to his innate position by resolving His sorrows. In the three books are included the practical stories of True Love that Rev. Moon showed to humankind throughout his whole life in order to fulfill the troublesome journey and the will of God.”Through which process were the “Chun Il Guk Scriptures” published?“It was not easy to compress such a vast amount of words into the 3 Major Scriptures. Finishing this process in a short three-year period was difficult as well. At first, it was daunting; but the people concerned with this movement determined to become one and began working tirelessly. In order to deliver the teachings that Rev. Moon gave to humankind during his lifetime to our descendants, our first task was to categorize the words into topics. So experts from all fields decided upon a major topic, and then searched for related words. For each volume we searched 150 pages of words three to four times. And we supervised the process by the four rules of the suitability of the topic, the logicality of the paragraphs, the connectivity of sequence and the phonemes of Hoon Dok. For this, the Compilation Committee held several workshops. In the process, 100 supervising members were appointed to publish a perfect scripture.”What kind of tasks are taking place for the success enterprise of Rev. Moon’s traditions?“Other than the Scripture Compilation Enterprise, there are many tasks such as building the Lifetime Museum and the Training Enterprise of Outstanding Individuals. Centering on Dr. Hak Ja Han, we are doing our utmost to establish a firm tradition, carry out the unfinished work of the success enterprise and ensure the safe arrival of God’s community of Chun Il Guk, all by 2020, which will mark the 100th Anniversary of Rev. Moon’s birth, as well as the 60th Anniversary of their marriage.”Chun Il Guk Scripture Compilation Director Young-Whi Kim emphasizes, “The 3 Major Scriptures have picked the jewel-like points from the 700 books of Rev. Moon and clearly included them into a final report made of blood, sweat and tears.” Three Major Scriptures Publishing Operation in the Lead… All out at Establishing Firm Tradition and Passing down Unfinished Work Enterprise by 2020 Monthly JoongAng (December 2015 issue) Korean National Major Monthly MagazineTranslated by PR Department of Tongil FoundationYoung-Whi Kim, Chun Il Guk Scripture Compilation Director (Interview)last_img read more