10 Online Courses to Boost Your Resumé in 2019

first_imgThe Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course – $14.99See Deal The Complete YouTube Master ClassValue: $49.00   |   Our Price: $11.00   |   Save 77 percentThere are people out there who make hundreds of thousands every year off their Youtube content. Got a brand to promote? Then learn how to make big bucks with The Complete YouTube Master Class. It’ll show you how to start a channel, teach you how to get subscribers, and illustrate how to create great video content on a limited budget. Stay on target The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking CourseValue: $200.00   |   Our Price: $14.99   |   Save 92 percentPublic speaking might be scary, but it’s a vitally important skill to have these days. Want to learn how to reduce the anxiety and deliver a winning speech? Then you need this course featuring renowned business school professor Chris Haroun. It offers all the skills you’ll need at a price that fits practically any budget. An Entire MBA in One Course Featuring Chris HarounValue: $200.00   |   Our Price: $10.99   |   Save 94 percentFacilitated by award-winning business school professor Chris Haroun, this course teaches students skills they’d learn in an MBA program. They’ll discover best practices for launching a business, find out how to create financial models, and even learn how to get investors via an IPO. The Complete Ethical Hacking Certification CourseValue: $200.00   |   Our Price: $12.99   |   Save 93 percentSkilled cybersecurity specialists are paid well for their expertise. Want to get your foot in the door of a rewarding profession? Then this course is a great place to start. It features 21 hours of beginner-friendly content that’ll show you how to test a network for vulnerabilities. It’ll also show you how to deploy a countermeasure and get you familiar with common viruses, and you can even use this training to prep for a valuable certification exam. The Complete Ruby Programmer CourseValue: $200.00   |   Our Price: $12.00   |   Save 94 percentWant to learn how to code? Then Ruby is a great place to start. This course features over 13 hours of content that’ll show you how to install Ruby on a variety of systems. You’ll then become familiar with the syntax and language structure so you can start programming your own applications. It’s fast, flexible and, at this price, it’s easy to afford. The Complete Digital Marketing 12-in-1 Course – $14.99See Deal Like this deal? Check out Vault — you’ll get four premium tools, including NordVPN and Dashlane, to supercharge your online security. Enter code VAULTONE to try it out for just $1Prices are subject to change. An Entire MBA in 1 Course Ft. Chris Haroun – $10.99See Deal Build a Battle Royale with Unity & Blender – $14.99See Deal JavaScript Master ClassValue: $99.99   |   Our Price: $10.99   |   Save 89 percentJavaScript is the language of the web. If you want to develop your own websites on a professional basis, then you’ll need expert training. And that’s what makes this package such a great value. It offers all the education you’ll require to become a pro JavaScript developer, but at a price that’s way below what you’d pay for traditional classroom instruction. The Complete Personal Productivity Course – $12.99See Deal The Complete Ruby Programmer Course – $12See Deal The Complete Personal Productivity CourseValue: $199.00   |   Our Price: $12.99   |   Save 93 percentSometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day. If you find yourself falling behind, then this course may be just the ticket. It offers a hefty 26 hours of training filled to the brim with tips and tricks that’ll help you focus so you’ll get way more stuff done. It’ll show you positive habits that you can incorporate right away, so it could pay huge dividends in the short and long term. The Complete Blockchain Professional Course – $9.99See Deal A solid education will take you far in life, but not all of us are keen on going into debt for one. Looking for a better way to get the training you need? Then try these online courses. They’re convenient, flexible and—with discounts of up to 95 percent—they’re easily affordable too.The Complete Digital Marketing 12-in-1 CourseValue: $200.00   |   Our Price: $14.99   |   Save 92 percentLearn how to grow your business for less with this quick web-based course. It includes 38 hours of training that illustrate best practices in web copywriting, how to use social media to improve sales, search engine optimization, and more. The content is delivered online so you can set your own schedule and you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the content. Build a Battle Royale with Unity and BlenderValue: $199.99   |   Our Price: $14.99   |   Save 92 percentThis course offers a hefty 55 hours of beginner-friendly training content that will familiarize you with the Unity game engine as well as Blender. You’ll learn how to code, how to set up a game play arena, and even how to create assets such as weapons. You’ll then put it all together by making a Fortnite-styled game from scratch. JavaScript Master Class – $10.99See Deal The Complete Blockchain Professional CourseValue: $200.00   |   Our Price: $9.99   |   Save 95 percentYou probably know blockchain’s association with cryptocurrencies. What you may not know is the immense potential of this groundbreaking technology. So get a beginner-friendly introduction with this six-hour course. It’ll explain blockchain using simple terms, show you how transactions work, and let you explore its many applications in a wide variety of industries. The Complete Ethical Hacking Certification Course – $12.99See Deal This $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 TodayThis Easy-to-Fly LED Drone Performs Acrobatic Moves The Complete YouTube Master Class – $11See Deallast_img read more