Supreme commanders of our Constitutional ethos

first_imgHonourable President is the first citizen; Supreme Commander of the Forces. Without his assent, no law can be made. The candidature is first identified by a political ruling regime; thereafter elected by teams of citizen-reps. Our present President is well-versed in the law, human nature, philosophy and protocols.  After 16 years of scrutiny & to & fro journey, GUJCOCA (anti-terror law) got his nod – thrice returned by incumbents earlier. The intent of the law is noble – those who disrupt law & order, public order and endanger unity, integrity & security of the state or spread terror among sections of the people, can be booked. The law provides, inter alia, for intercepted phone talks and confession before a police officer as admissible evidence in the court. Anyone can be arrested without giving any explanation, etc. are some stringent provisions there-under. This shows how much Hon’ble President is on the same page with the political rule on ‘National Security’ a top agenda. However, a spate of episodes, abuse of authority under sedition law and denial of even simple info/data under Official Secrecy Act (both inherited from the colonial era) – do they augur well for this law too? Exceptions – can they make the general rule? Rarest of rare anti-national / terror elements – who could not be nabbed by shrewd detective networks – can they be booked by this omnibus extra-ordinarily authority-empowering law, at the cost of common citizenry open to harassment – more so when the political rules are sucked in by hot-hate political waves; a pertinent question whether  Neta = Nation has arisen long back; no answers yets?Top Constitutional powers during the Maharashtra political mayhem…. bent backwards… in somersaults — first President rule was imposed (when the opposition alliance was known & their inability to form a govt.)………2nd in the wee hours of 22/11, emergency-powers of PM to waive cabinet com. meeting before recommending revocation of Article 356 was misused, as obviously the nation wasn’t under any serious threat ….. 3rd Hon”ble President instantly gave nod (application of mind to favour a ruling central power?)….. 4th within 3 hours after the wee-hour dramas, a minority party leader Sri Fadnavis was sworn in as CM …. a lot of bluffs was let loose as if they have majority; Ajit Pawar demonstrated unbelievable extent of treachery….irrigation scam trump card was also abused (9 cases were closed in a hurry, after many years in a deliberate limbo)…….all along the State Guv played second fiddle to His political masters – such arbitrary partial siding with ruling power is n”th time in recent times…… he gave 15 long days to prove majority to unethically sworn in CM (probably he was blissfully unaware of Court rulings that majority needs to be proved on the floor within 24 to 48 hours as a thumb rule as per court verdicts)…. the role-plays of SG & AG in such crises times reveal they represent their political masters more than the citizen interests at large…. and an opportunistic alliance got power chords, as if they have achieved a lot in the dramatics theatrics played by the political class…. the loser is the citizen and of course institutional independence & vibrancy…….??Our Hon’ble PM is a man of high principles; very kind-heart is his asset.  His noble messages, speeches say a lot about how great a proponent of honesty, visionary in visualizing distant future glory, he is.   Do the latest sequences live up to his high moral grounds and values, we enjoy in his best of speeches?   And of course in recent times similar happenings – are rather inexplicable considering such a noble persona!Will the Honorable Supreme Court, as custodian of our constitution, examine such sequences, wherein the ethos of our constitution, even at times ethical values, were put to severe tests….? And come out with a comprehensive system & mechanism to uphold inbuilt checks & balances in governance? A more transparent better merit-oriented selection process, beyond political compulsions/equations, can also be so handy? Judicial scrutiny of unlimited application & abuse of Sedition Law, Official Secrecy Act, and the present GUJCOCA such draconian laws can also help our largest democracy, citizens, who have compromised with a lot in recent times,  in many ways.  GOKlast_img

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