Metamorphosis of a teenager into an adult

first_imgA mixture of feelings or emotions mentioned unaligned, right? This is what an adult goes through unpremeditatedly very often. But the above process makes the guy a strong, real adult if he/she survives it! They are getting inclined more than ever to useless fantasies, social media, relationships, fashion, politics and liabilities, making them susceptible to misdirection.There is a huge role of right culture and conditioning by parents for their child(ren) which later get reflected in them during this adulthood. Parenting plays the most important role in directing a child on the righteous track. Parents should give their child(ren) the freedom to give opinions, to open up himself/herself in front of them, to choose a trend, their career and even life partner in a brainstorming session with them. During this democratic discussion (regarding all those topics), an adult child expects his/her parents should understand him/her. Otherwise, he/she feels left out, alone, confused and ultimately depressed. He/she then searches for alternative ways to get rid off those bad feelings, to get a company to discuss his/her happenings. But, he/she sometimes ends up with adopting a wrong company or way and that’s either any ill-cultured companion or addiction. Many serious blunders are committed by adults between the age of 18-25. Moral support and friendly companionship should be given by the parents to their child(ren).These adults now are engaged in having fun to gain pleasure, more than indulging in their career goals or any quest of opportunities to have personal growth, skills development or to provide financial aid to themselves or their family. They don’t wish to spend their time and money on books, skills, mental engineering, proper health, useful seminars/webinars but, they easily spend it on their girlfriend/boyfriend, on web series accounts, games, clothing, parties, clubbing, gadgets, etc. They tend to be less serious and more neglectful of what they actually should be doing. They spend hours in showing off themselves, playing digital games, chatting and phoning for hours, etc. for the sake of pleasure but they don’t take out time for their own personal development which gives them long-term happiness.This pandemic period has been a blessing in disguise for many people. This has given a sense of proper utilisation of the digital world to attain productivity. Even Lord Krishna once advised Pandavas to upgrade themselves when they were just wasting their time during their vanvas so, this pandemic period should be utilised by every adult to create his/her own next version. Every adult should go on a tour through their inner world and trust me, I’m also doing it and I’m exploring a lot of things which I could merely find anywhere around the globe! I’m observing my vibe, listening to my emotions, tasting my desires, smelling my potential & feeling my thoughts. Inner engineering is what makes you plant the right seed of thoughts to bring you the right kind of tree of subconsciousness. You’ll see the whole universe lying within you if you find your ultimate form. Take time & travel in your mind.Time Heals & Strengthens you. Just Stay Busy & Active, Keep Patience, & Stand Tall! After all, an adult follows someone who does the same which he/she has been advised to do. Naturally, they won’t realise things at once but proper guidance and influence through leadership are needed for them. Right training of the right process is what they need. As, consequently, real-life starts after this phase as this period of transition (from being a teenager to an adult) is a decider one for their entire life. At last, an adult should analyse and introspect himself/herself to live a happy life. Every boy/girl faces a whole new dimension of life in his/her adulthood. However, gradually after crossing the teenage period, there are more excitement & energy, mental & physical growth, identification of passion, problem-solving & decision-making abilities, observation of the real world, acquiring of new goals, advanced studies & researches, arrival of blunders, varieties of mood & emotion, infatuations & attachments, betrayals in friendship/relationship, days of sadness after/before days of joy, building of connections & respect, fun & addictions, rationality, openness or frankness, truthfulness as well as dishonesty, increase in smartness & cleverness, soberness & kindness, diplomacy & politics, greed & selfishness, overthinking, chaos, fears, procrastination, perturbation, nostalgia, anger & ego issues, pain, guilt, worries, depression & anxieties, trauma & mental attacks, accidents & mishaps, blessings & curse, frustration & demotivation, jealousy & insecurities, hopelessness & annoyance, embarrassments & insults, stupidity & ignorance, influences, misdirection, circles & groupism, arguments & fights, and professionalism.last_img

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