Mas Camp tell Renegades to stay in their lane

first_img Sharing is caring! Share Share 425 Views   one comment EntertainmentLocalNews Mas Camp tell Renegades to stay in their lane by: Dominica Vibes News – January 6, 2015center_img Management of one of Dominica’s leading Calypso tents Mas Camp, says they will not entertain a return of its former members who left for greener pastures. The Renegades tent which was formed last year by former members of Mas Camp maybe searching for a temporary home this year as the tent takes a pause due to financial constraints. Its financial manager Narrin ‘Trendsetter’ Murphy announced on Tuesday that the tent may resume in 2016 and has made it clear that he has no interests in returning to Mas Camp. However, Daryl Bob who is the Mas Camp tent organizer told Dominica Vibes that they are not prepared to embrace any calypsonians from the Renegade tent. “They didn’t leave on a very good note, many of them many of them didn’t even inform us that they were leaving last year and they went across to Renagades now if Renegades is going through a rough patch it’s really unreasonable that they should leave Renegades and join Mas Camp again but personally we have a closed door policy to that, we have discussed it already we are not prepared to embrace any calypsonians from the Renegade tent,”Bobb said. Bobb has admitted that a few of the calypsonians who left last year for Renegades have already approached the Mas camp to make a comeback but he says they should stick with their new home even through rough times. He added that it would be unfair to Renegades if Mas Camp invites or accepts its calypsonians. He believes that Renegades tent should be given an opportunity to develop. “I think it’s fair that we give Renegades an opportunity to develop themselves and go through their rough times just like everybody else has and it’s only fair to that the calypsonians remain loyal to whatever decisions that they made last year and I will not condone the fact that calypsonians just want to be running around all the time, it’s not going to help anybody,” Bobb said. Manager of the Stardom Tent, Norman Letang told Dominica Vibes that a decision could be taken on at meeting on Tuesday night on whether or not they will allow Renegades members to perform at the tent. Stardom Calypso tent is Dominica’s longest and largest calypso tent, many believe that the tent is over populated. Mas Camp returns to the Harlem Plaza on Friday 9th January 2015 from 8:30 pm. Share Tweetlast_img

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