The new one in CSKA: In 5 months from the streets…

first_imgThe new CSKA player Jules Keita, who will be transferred from Lance, is only 21 years old (he will turn 22 on July 20), but he already has a rich history behind him. He was brought up with football. He is the son of Mamadou Aliu Keita, a former Guinean national, a 1976 Nations Cup goal scorer and a three-time African Champions League winner with Hafia Gufina. However, the father died of a heart attack in 2004, when Jules was just six years old.Little Keita follows in his parent’s footsteps and breaks into the national team. He grabbed the attention of the Under-17 World Cup in 2015. Then he impressed Bastia, who attracted him and imposed him on his second team. Keita erupted again with her performances at the U20 World Cup in 2017, when she was named the best in Guinea.Yunus Sankare: I want to bring trophies and titles to CSKAThe new midfielder of the “reds” gave a very interesting interview for the show “Code Sport” Soon after, however, Jules was abandoned by his agents. His French visa expires and the player finds himself without money and regular documents. He returns to his native Conakry in Guinea, where he begins … kicking in the streets. For a whole year, Kate kept fit in the most old-fashioned way.However, Dijon thinks of the footballer thanks to a Guinean company that is looking for talent. The French club took him for rehearsals in April 2018, and in July Keita signed a 3-year contract. On August 11, 2018, he will make his debut in League 1! Thus, in 5 months, Jules reached the French elite from the streets of Conakry. And in his third match in Ligue 1 he entered as a reserve and tore Nice with 2 goals and an assist for 4: 0. Even “Gadzeta delo Sport” wrote an article about Kate after this match. Source: TwitterOne of Dijon’s scouts, Loa Chalie, said of Jules: “He is very energetic and explosive. He plays on the left or right flank. He is the best at overcoming rivals face to face in small spaces. A very interesting player with a lot of potential. for development “, analyzes Chalie.Other experts distinguish Kate’s great speed and good dribble. However, they take into account his weak physique (he is 168 cm tall and weighs only about 60 kg), his unconvincing qualities in the final phase and some inaccuracies in technical terms.At CSKA, Keita gets a good opportunity to show why she is shooting from the streets of Conakry to the French elite. And who knows – the army can help him return to League 1.Wing from Lance and defender from Genk arrive at CSKAJules Keita is still waiting for a plane in Guinea to travel to Sofialast_img

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