A former Google senior manager showed the Stretch RE1 robot. …

first_imgTake the chassis of the robotic vacuum cleaner, put it on it coat hanger and build Stretch RE1 – the exotic robotic platform of the Hello Robot startup, backed by former head of robotics at Google Aaron Edsinger and Charlie Kemp of Georgia Tech Polytechnic.The robot impresses with its structural simplicity. Instead of a humanoid, dog or other creature with a pile of engines for as many degrees of freedom as possible, the RE1 manages everything with the help of a chassis and a movable rod with a rectangular arm.The RE1 is therefore not impressive in appearance, but rather in practicality, which the authors prove, for example, when they mounted a vacuum cleaner or a dust cloth on it. Of course, the RE1 is equipped with a stack of sensors and an Intel RealSense D435i 3D camera for computer vision, including depth perception. The RP-Lidar A1, which works very similarly to robotic vacuum cleaners, is used to create a room / apartment model that it can move around.Stretch RE1 in action:Although the first version of the platform is intended for researchers, which corresponds to the astronomical price of almost $ 18,000, open-source, support of the ROS and Python system, the authors of Hello Robot make no secret of the fact that their goal is really a helper (kobot – collaborative robot) for common operations and households, which will help the disabled, or wipe for you as well as a robotic vacuum cleaner. dust.However, all this is only a technological vision. So how it will really turn out with similar advanced robots of the next generation in your living room, they will be able to evaluate only your children and grandchildren. There is still a relatively big difference between the aforementioned robotic vacuum cleaner and a complex and especially affordable home cobot, which will largely replace, for example, a meat and bone caregiver.last_img

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