Get Antonio Brown a seat on the bus will ya!

first_imgBILL NEAL:10—I continue to be amazed at the baby steps the Steelers continue to make with “Baby Brown.” It’s clear that he doesn’t want to be here. Well, let’s take the man for his word and get him a bus ticket (yep, on the same Greyhound bus that hijacked my man Will Anderson­—get that money, Will!). And now you can do him a favor and get him a seat next to Le’Veon Bell. See ya!!!:09—Yes, and absolutely…Kevin Colbert should have not used the word “kids” when talking about the Steeler players. #1. Anyone 18 and over is a man. If you can go to war at age 18, you’re a man at age 18. Of course there are various levels of manhood and maturity. #2. It does touch a nerve in relation to the use of the word “boy” when talking about a certain group. #3. I bet Kevin Colbert will think twice about the use of the word in the future. Let’s chalk it up to a teachable moment. Kevin Colbert a good dude. I’ve been in his company several times.:08—While we’re trying to teach stuff…Let’s start having a long overdue conversation about Big Ben throwing a predictable interception most every game. Bell and Brown may have their issues, but, Ben Roethlisberger is a BBIIIGGGG part of the current problems. Leaders don’t throw their teammates under the bus.:07—Here’s a shoutout to and for my good friend Larry Richert. He’s the founder and lead man on the “Hometown Heroes Award” of which I am a proud recipient of the first class induction. If you know someone who has been a community leader and deserves recognition give Larry a call over at KDKA. If you haven’t heard yet, he’s honoring the legendary Smokey Robinson this year for his success as well as his love and contributions to Pittsburgh.:06—A tip of the Pitt cap to Larry Fitzgerald in speaking out against Antonio Brown and how he’s handling this all wrong. Not a better guy on the planet than Larry Fitzgerald. I’ll take that to the bank.:05—Look, when I tell you to go see a movie…just do it. I’ve already done the hard work for ya. I told you three months ago “Green Book” would be the Oscar winner for movie of the year.:04—Speaking of telling you stuff, hear this for the 99th time. If you’re not going to the Duquesne men’s basketball games, you’re quite honestly missing the best show in town. Yea, I am a Pitt man, but, I am telling you they’re playing some serious “Kurtis Blow” basketball down on the Bluff. And, if you really want your money’s worth, there’s a 5’8” dynamo playing guard that lights it up pound-for-pound. He’s the most exciting player on the floor. They call him…Tavian Dunn-Martin and when you hook up with him you’ve got 155 pounds of trouble on your hands.:03—Missing person’s report: Where is O.J., Robert Blake, Jussie Smollett and as of late, where the heck did Robert Kraft disappear to???:02—The Aliquippa “Quips” football team rolled into the Savoy and brought that championship spirit that won them their third state title. The team was honored on the Champions Live Sports Talk Show last week. Photos and more next week.:01—The beat goes on as “Champions Live” will host and honor the Penn Hills football team for their championship title. The show will kick off this Thursday, March 7 at the Comfort Inn on Rodi Road in Penn Hills. Showtime is 6 p.m., free admission, food and drinks and the award presentation live on the show. For more info call Achieving Greatness at 412-628-4856—Penn Hills…Come on down!:00—GAME OVER! Like us at @NewPghCourier on Twitter

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