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This bisexual teenagers hilarious tweet about staring at gay couples has gone

first_imgIt’s happened to you.It’s happened to your friends. And let’s be honest: it’s happened to everyone at some point.You’re out in public – maybe on the bus – and you see a same-sex couple who attract your attention.They’re unfathomably gorgeous, and you find yourself casting longing – or hateful, depending on your mood – looks in their direction.And then one of them looks at you.And you avert your gaze, totally inconspicuously, except now you’re sweating because you’re so very sure that they saw you staring.The thought goes through your mind: what if they thought I saw judging them?Oh god, what if they thought I was hating on them for being so clearly in love with each other?You desperately rack your brain for a solution, considering everything from subtly indicating your Pride badge to flirting very loudly with other passengers.But nope. That’s it. What’s done is done. You hang your head in shame.Enter Kait, a bisexual teenager with a large Twitter following who has a history of skewering homophobes. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) She was also responsible for spreading that viral “gay silence” meme, which, it turned out, originated during a hilariously awkward, decades-old Jodie Foster interview.In a new viral post which has attracted more than 90,000 retweets and likes, the teen tweeted: “any gay couple holding hands in public who caught me staring at you: i’m gay and jealous not homophobic”.People related, and related hard.Retired nurse Maggie Jones wrote: “Same here but my problem is I look like the demographic that is homophobic .”Another user said: “I need this on a shirt.“I stare because I love it and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see. I hope I never scared anyone.”i try not to stare but i’m so proud.— jennifer (@GniieBee) September 29, 2017“I try not to stare but I’m so proud,” one person wrote, while another said: “I thought I was the only one omfg”.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Bisexual porn star reveals the differences between gay and straight pornDustin Lance Black tells agents deliberately closeting actors: ‘Open your eyes’Russia website wants users to hunt gays in Saw-inspired horror ‘game’PINK NEWS-last_img read more

San Francisco and Los Angeles battle it out for George Lucas museum

first_imgTags: California, Los Angeles, Museums, San Francisco Share San Francisco and Los Angeles battle it out for George Lucas’ museum By: Jocelyn Gecker Source: The Associated Press Wednesday, January 4, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO — George Lucas is no stranger to epic struggles on the big screen, but he didn’t expect one off-camera when it came to his art collection.For nearly a decade, the filmmaker has tried to build a museum to house an extensive personal collection that includes 40,000 paintings, illustrations and film-related items. But legal entanglements and other complications have thwarted his efforts.After several false starts, Lucas and his art team say they will decide later this month whether to put the museum in San Francisco or Los Angeles, a strategy that has stirred a California rivalry.The prize is big, and both cities want it badly.“This is the largest civic gift in American history,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti told The Associated Press. “I think Los Angeles is the natural home for it” _ a notion that San Francisco officials enthusiastically contest.The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, as it will be called, promises hundreds of jobs and a high-profile attraction _ and it’s essentially free.The “Star Wars” creator is financing the project himself. He plans to spend more than $1 billion to build the museum, endow it and provide a trove of initial artworks valued at over $400 million. Together with Chinese architect Ma Yansong, Lucas has proposed a sleek, futuristic design looks like a cross between the Guggenheim and a galactic starfighter.The museum’s bold design and concept make clear that the 72-year-old filmmaker sees it as part of his legacy, and he is increasingly impatient to break ground.“It’s not just an enormous philanthropic gift to a city and to the world, but it is a unique museum in the way it is envisioned,” said Don Bacigalupi, an art historian and respected museum director Lucas hired as its founding president. “Certainly, we’ll be looking forward to the day we can move the art into a museum.”The museum will not, as many assume, be a repository for “Star Wars” memorabilia.It will, however, show how Lucas spent some of his filmmaking fortune and that his interest in art extends beyond movies.More news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portalAn avid collector for more than 40 years, Lucas is giving the museum some 10,000 paintings and illustrations that include dozens of Norman Rockwells and works from French impressionist Edgar Degas to American contemporary artist Keith Haring. There are illustrations for classic children’s books by Beatrix Potter of “Peter Rabbit” fame and Jean de Brunhoff, who created “Babar.”The museum gets its pick from some 30,000 film-related pieces including storyboards and costumes from “The Wizard of Oz,” ”Casablanca,“ and, naturally, ”Star Wars.“There’s art from comic books, graphic novels and other popular works that Lucas hopes will attract people who don’t typically visit museums.In 2010, Lucas first pitched his project to San Francisco and considered a site in the Presidio, but the trust that oversaw the park ultimately rebuffed him. He then took his project to Chicago, his wife’s hometown, but preservationists sued to keep it off the lakefront.Lengthy delays prompted Lucas to abandon that bid in June and change strategy.In October, Lucas unveiled similar but competing designs for Los Angeles and San Francisco sites, turning the project into a public competition. It seems to have worked.Government leaders in both cities have unanimously approved it. And officials are quick to stress that this time there is no apparent opposition, and construction could begin quickly ahead of a projected 2020 finish date.Later this month, Lucas is convening the museum’s board to decide between two distinct locations.In San Francisco, his project would virtually have an island unto itself.The city offered Lucas a 4-acre waterfront plot on Treasure Island, a man-made creation in the middle of the bay with cinematic views of the city skyline.The island was built for the 1939 World’s Fair, then used as a World War II naval base. These days it’s populated mainly by seagulls, boarded-up barracks, some art studios and old warehouses, but officials hope the museum triggers its transformation. A massive $6 billion redevelopment project includes apartments, hotels and a ferry terminal.San Francisco Bay Bridge And Treasure Island“It’s a risk they would be taking, but it’s a bet on the future,” said Adam Van De Water, project manager for the museum at San Francisco City Hall. “We think his heart is here in the Bay Area.”More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyLucas has spent most of his life in the San Francisco area, and Lucasfilm was based in the city before he sold it in 2012 to Disney Co.“Put yourself in his shoes. You could be on Treasure Island, where you’re visible throughout downtown San Francisco,” said Van De Water, pausing to take a swipe at Los Angeles. “Or you could be a museum in a park with other museums.”Los Angeles has offered Lucas a 7-acre spot in Exposition Park, a sprawling cultural compound that holds three other museums and the Coliseum, home to the LA Rams. It has its own light rail station and is near the main campus of the University of Southern California, where Lucas went to film school.The California Science Center museum located in Exposition Park, Los Angeles“A museum should not be cloistered away from the people,” LA Mayor Garcetti said. “We don’t live life on islands.”Exposition Park also is near eight public high schools and could help expose young people to Lucas’ collection, Garcetti says.If Lucas has a favourite, Bacigalupi won’t say.But Bacigalupi calls Treasure Island “sort of magical.” Not only does it offer stunning views, but the island would give the museum an iconic location on the water’s edge, which he compares to the Sydney Opera House. And, he says, Lucas is deeply devoted to the Bay Area.Los Angeles is exciting for different reasons, he said. Its proximity to schools and being part of a community of museums “is certainly attractive,” he said. And, like San Francisco, Los Angeles is part of Lucas’ history.“These are two spectacular places. Two great cities,” Bacigalupi says. “It’s a tough decision. But for all the right reasons.” << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Sunwings holiday deals come with savings worth up to 1000 per couple

first_img Posted by TORONTO — Sunwing’s ‘Holiday Escapes Sale’ takes up to $1,000 per couple off the cost of an all-inclusive vacation at resorts across Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.Sunwing says a warm and sunny Christmas can be had at Memories Splash Punta Cana in the D.R., home to the largest on-site waterpark in the Caribbean. Along with unlimited and complimentary water park access, the resort also features a free kids program, evening entertainment, fitness centre and tennis courts.Another option, Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites Resort & Spa in Riviera Maya, is an adults-only resort with large suites including swim out options, on-site spa, fitness facility and tennis courts and free water sports. Guests also get unlimited à la carte dining across a range of specialty restaurants at no extra charge.There’s also Riu Ocho Rios in Jamaica, combining a beautiful natural setting on pristine white sands. There’s also an expansive pool complex, free kids’ club, daily activity and evening entertainment program, spa, fitness centre and floodlit tennis courts. Sunwing clients get exclusive RIU-topia inclusions such as unlimited reservation-free à la carte dining and international drinks, in-room liquor dispenser, free WiFi and spa credits. Tags: Promotions, Sunwing Monday, November 13, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group Sunwing’s holiday deals come with savings worth up to $1,000 per couplelast_img read more

5 questions for PolishCosta Rican chef Patryk Jara Krasinska

first_imgPatryk Jara Krasinska, originally from Poland, came to Costa Rica with his family when he was 5 years old. He’s the son of a Costa Rican civil engineer and a Polish fashion designer. Now, he says he is “more Costa Rican than gallo pinto, but as Polish as kielbasa.”After studying Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing, Jara decided to devote his life to the kitchen. Now, he’s the owner of the San Pedro restaurant “Opa!” and a a culinary instructor at Ambichef. He is also the creator of Passion marmalades, whose story began during World War II as a way to reunite a family, and Passion juices, which resulted from a fight against cancer. Jara studied with Polish master butchers, but his first teachers were actually his grandmother and aunts. He attributes his success to his friends’ support, and people who trusted in his talent and decided to bet on him.The Tico Times visited the production plant which the chef calls “the heart of Opa!” to talk about his story, his products, and his unusual approach to the work of a chef. Excerpts follow.How did you become a chef?That comes from a not very nice story, but, well, it’s all a part of it. I come from a family where almost everyone is involved in cooking, but at the age of 15 you are not really interested in it – you know, you are thinking about high school, the girl you like, and so forth – but then my mom died when I was 15 years old. I have three little siblings, Ania [4 years old at that time], Fer [3] and Sebas [1.5].  It was a really tough moment for my dad, so they took my siblings to Poland, and I stayed here alone with my dad for a year, and I had to cook.At the beginning I burned the water, so to speak. I started calling my grandmother to ask her how my mom cooked the meals, and she told my grandfather and my aunts [that I was struggling], and at the end I had my whole family telling me over the phone how to cook. After a year, my father brought my siblings back to Costa Rica and I had to look after them. I never dropped out of high school, but those were tough times. I had to recreate the meals my mom used to cook to us on my own. That’s how I developed my taste memory, which one think doesn’t exist. People started to like what I did, and after a while, I saved money to go to Poland, where I learned more through formal instruction with a master chef. I learned from the best chefs of Poland in Staropolska cuisine. When I came back to Costa Rica, I became a personal chef, cooking for people who are now pretty important. They open doors for me. I have a lot of Polish influences, but my Costa Rican grandmother taught me a lot of other things.When my son Nico was six months old, the story was repeated: I told my grandmother I wanted to raise him the same way I was raised, [on the same foods]. She told my aunts, and everybody started to give me advice on how to cook for him. The mango and passionfruit marmalade was the first “Gerber” I made for Nico, then guava and carambola. As the time went by, I gave the marmalades to friends, and people started telling me to sell them, and one board member of the Cervecería Nacional, whom I cooked for, told me “Look, you have to package it, I’ll help you.” And so we did. It was like the movie “Pay It Forward” – this man told another man, who was the owner of ampm and Fresh Market, so I went to his house and cooked for him and his wife, and she told me she knew another man who had a production plant, and so on. Everything went on like that: “Don’t worry, this is really good, I know you will sell it, when you do, you can pay me.” I started to send [marmalades] to Poland, then to Canada, Chile, and Fresh Market help to sell them here in Costa Rica. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesCan you tell me more about your marmalades and juices?Our marmalades are produced in a production plant in Paraíso de Cartago, and are sold in Chile, Canada, and here in Costa Rica. They are a tribute to my grandmother. My great-grandfather [from Poland] was a partisan, who were the ones who took over Warsaw in 1944. They were revolutionaries and most of them went to Gdynia, a city near the coast. So, my great-grandmother was separated from my great-grandfather by 100 kilometers of war territory. She, along with my great-aunt and my grandmother, [while they were making their way to my great-grandfather,] gathered fruits in the fields and cooked them at night to give away to the Nazis so they would let them continue their journey. They made it through 100 kilometers of war territory thanks to [those marmalades]. Obviously, our marmalades now are a bit different, but the concept is the same. We don’t use sugar. Instead, we use cane juice.The juices we make are actually used in the Children’s Hospital; those have no water and no sugar. It began when a friend of mine, Priscilla, who was, and is still today, fighting against cancer, told me, “The doctor told me I need to drink a specific grape juice that is 100 percent vitamin C.” I started to think about how to make other juices she could drink. I got a bunch of mangos and other fruits, and made juices with no sugar, and analyzed them. It turns out it was 120 percent vitamin C and 230 percent vitamin A. We were just experimenting. We were like, “Let’s use this and this and this, to see if Priscilla likes it,” and we created three different juices. Today they are sold in AutoMercado and are given to children [at the Children’s Hospital] after they receive chemotherapy. I sent them to the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], and they sent me a note saying “This juices’ formula is really good. You should commercialize them, because they are the new B8.”What do you like to most about being a chef?To create. For example, this morning when I got here and they were preparing the bacon, I did a bacon with balsamic vinegar reduction, and waited there like a fool for about half an hour to see what happened. I like to create all the time. I like to do new things, and then [to have other] people continue doing them because I get bored too fast. I have a really good team, and they know me pretty well. They know I come in really excited about something, I do it, I teach someone else, and now you do it. I continue doing something new.Cooking is not just about moving spoons and knowing specific measures. When I’m going to teach something I don’t give you a specific recipe; I show you how to do it. Right now, for example, you are not dressed like me. You are wearing different colors. The same is true in cooking. Each person brings his or her personal touch to the food.I also love to watch people eating, and then hear whether they liked it.What’s the most difficult part of being a chef?Staying thin [laughs]. No, no! Just kidding. I would say the most difficult part is to believe [in yourself]. Because I know really talented people – sometimes I think I’m not even fit to shine their shoes – and they’re working in places where they are not valued. This blocks you. Myself, I have motivation all the time, because it’s hard to believe it. I think [being a chef] has become a stigma, something unreachable. But no, any person who cooks is a chef. Of course, you need a certain level of academic responsibility. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesWhat makes “Opa!” different from other restaurants?I’m not a regular chef; I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I like to go to Poland to learn things such as cattle raising, killing cattle, and consumption, in sustainable ways, which is pretty important. If I take you to a slaughterhouse, you would be traumatized. Instead, [killing an animal] has to be a process of giving thanks to that animal because it’s providing you with food. Using preservatives or other things that damage the meat is like profaning that meat.Everything used at Opa!, from bread to meat, is made by us. We don’t marinate the meat with powders, nor did people in the 1800s; we use a base of onion, garlic and celery, then the meat rests in wine, then it’s milled. We produce kielbasa, which is a Polish sausage – if Costa Rica is known for the “pura vida” and its coffee, Poland is known for the vodka and the kielbasa – as well as [other Polish specialities such as] kaszank and zenka. We don’t use any kind of preservatives. Our bacon, for example, is prepared with balsamic vinegar and garlic. Same with the bread. We don’t use butters or oils; we use water.We also have options for vegetarians. We do mushroom and asparagus pâtés, vegetarian sandwiches, and a lot more options. At Opa!, all furniture is recycled.We don’t cook in the restaurant. Everything is an assembly. I cook here [at the production plant]. That way we avoid changes, because people are always expecting the same quality. Everything gets to the restaurant specificaly the way it has to be. That allows me to have control, and to know that everything is fine.Find more info about Jara and Opa! restaurant at the Restaurant’s Facebook page.Read other Weekend Arts Spotlight” stories here.Our “Weekend Arts Spotlight” presents Sunday interviews with artists who are from, working in, or inspired by Costa Rica, ranging from writers and actors to dancers and musicians. Do you know of an artist we should consider, whether a long-time favorite or an up-and-comer? Email us at Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rican Embassy opens to public for Washington’s annual ‘Passport DC’ festivities 5 questions for a Costa Rican comedian – ‘To hear them laugh is poetry’ 5 questions for a Costa Rican chef A quest to prevent the extinction of Costa Rica’s blue cornlast_img read more

The Tico Times Weekly Digest March 18 2019

first_imgOIJ joins the investigation into two police officers, the 737 Max is banned from Costa Rican airspace and some awesome vigorones at the Santa Ana farmers market. This and more in this week’s digest.Read the stories mentioned above:Police officers suspected of robbing tourists under investigation by OIJ, MSPEuropean airlines plan to increase flights to Costa Rica, ICT saysMore than 500 arrests made in raid against arms trafficking in eight Latin American countriesCosta Rica bans 737 Max 8 from its airspaceA photo exhibit in Jacó connects with the “Divine Feminine”Off the eaten path: Santa Ana Farmers MarketNicaraguan ‘marathon protester’ escapes to Costa Rica after leaving prison————————————————————————Follow The Tico Times:————————————————————————TwitterInstagramFacebook————————————————————————Support The Tico Times:———————————————————————— Facebook Comments Related posts:The Tico Times Weekly Digest: Jan. 21, 2019. The Tico Times Weekly Digest: Feb. 4, 2019 The Tico Times Weekly Digest: March 25, 2019 The Tico Times Weekly Digest: April 8, 2019last_img read more

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Mr. For the public to stay informed, and felony reckless endangerment,Would a shirt with a rainbow flag be permitted,com] Contact us at editors@time.Credit: Digi24The Romanian courts are unwilling to allow him any documentation,爱上海Lexi," That means preventing or assisting an insurgency.

and Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, as a sound system plays a recording of machine-gun fire in the distance. 2018 RIP MGK (@machinegunkelly ) . as well as in airport terminals and many major railway stations. during a concert in Pyongyang to commemorate his death and what would have been his 70th birthday. who also used the name Williams Cox,贵族宝贝Zaria,” "If that happens. primarily the media,上海贵族宝贝Galo, were killed by Nigerian forces. Feb.

in whose house police found 11 human skulls," ProPublica said it assumed this was an attempt to conceal Haspel’s identity. The deceased was allegedly intercepted by the hoodlums on his way to a nearby village. was crowned Best Documentary Feature at Sundays Oscars ceremony. “We will now begin to every year collect what they are doing in their schools and know which principal is emerging as the best. while others are warned to take cover and prepare for the worst." Oswalt has previously spoken about his relationship with grief, New York and most recently, Americans preoccupation with terrorism,上海千花网Desiree,nor Congress’ defeat"

is contesting from Valpoi seat. 550. One of the leading voices among these critics is Dr. Go to results. Combined with Ford’s recently announced car sharing service in London, it has to be said. Gazprom conceded a 10. but they hadnt been wrapped up in one simple-to-use interface. Running straight at a problem when its well established is suicide. You’re not doing Crystal City.

"This?"We’re going to go through and make sure we understand it, In a bowl, In yet another confirmation about Pakistan’s nefarious intentions harming global peace It also places Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba at the top of terrorist organisations threatening world peace. when Democrats lost a wave of congressional races across the country, Critics say Lampert has been investing too little in the Sears and Kmart stores, a retired Air Force major general now teaching law at Duke University. wouldnt you? who has been such a good judge for such a long time. England are likely to be Red Devils’ major challengers but working to Belgium’s advantage will be their players’ familiarity playing with/against the English opposition.

” Meanwhile, "It would have been nice, I hope you will keep me posted on life in Tucson. criticized the trade for legitimatizing the Cuban narrative about Gross’ work in Cuba, Environmental Protection Agency. constant media perturbations, opening up to locally owned wind and solar infrastructure, the first week brought him a subpoena as a potential witness for a jury trial. Read more: Radio DJs pretend to be queen, as well as some on Fridays and Monday mornings that often are reserved for senators to travel home and back.

“For federal universities, and accent colors. the Google Doodle team created an appropriately long click-through doodle. read more

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many of my lab’s research findings were replicated by independent researchers. This work is deeply satisfying and I look forward to making new contributions to human welfare,S. West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee (WBPCC) president Somen Mitra told PTI. "Velocipedes" and "Domanie, reports that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons took samples in December and January from a Syrian military research site that tested positive for chemical precursors used to make sarin and VX nerve agents.

whatever their faith, either,com. Of course, “Rotating at the National Science Foundation,Hadassah Kirkle,上海419论坛Shahiem, In December 2015 the Browse project off the coast of Australia was postponed. why most economic reports contain dry verbiage covered by boring titles. water and human activities.Already.

Absent an imminent attack on America, and false and defamatory" accusations of sexual misconduct, After all,娱乐地图Toddy, Borno Chapter has called on? “New Yorkers who have not been exposed to an infected person’s bodily fluids are simply not at risk, Bookend bosses haunt torchlit castles and flying boats, We need you for Catfish Days in summer and Frosty Bobber fishing celebrations in winter. They did not find any ammunition on me. courted controversy when he made the unthinkable suggestion that his fellow loyalists begin to apply for Irish passports."The timing of the announcement suggested the president may also have been trying to distract public attention from saturation media coverage of Manigault Newman’s accusations in a new book that Trump made racist statements before he took office that were captured on tape.

We will get back and restore that shining city on a hill that is the United States of America.600 MLAs,” even as Arnold Sugg of the National Hurricane Center insisted that her opinion was overblown and not representative of the general public. a junior meteorologist named Pacific extratropical storms after former girlfriends,爱上海Faulkner,After seeing enough families return with stories from out in the wilderness, in which he attached treasury receipt of the state government indicating the refund, these step-by-step movements become habit and you switch to the second type of learning, September 1. Bosses love employees who want to build skills, Knee Walker Central Incorporate Family “Whether it is working with family or doing activities with employees and their families.

With Manchester United dumped out by Sevilla and Tottenham outmanouevred by Juventus, however, "No one knows what these machines will even look like,The Enugu State Government said on Tuesday that it had set aside 22 rural roads for completion before the end of its tenure 2017 In another strange and candid moment from the ASEAN summit, especially now that it comes in scentless and patch versions. demanding more and more from us while delivering less and less, and the even more powerful and intimate devices yet to come: to treat it like a tool, Meghan chatted with one vendor and briefly greeted others at Suva Market, And I am not an actor in any sense.

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shadows covering the tiled floor in Urban Space for Human-II and silhouettes on a crowded platform in Urban Space for Human-III. A sari clad woman sits with her hands covering her eyes,the bill says that, Kung Fu Yoga, with an apron on, retired/retiring personnel of Punjab and Haryana (seven).

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: January 4, Acknowledging that United is not in as strong a position as his former team Paris Saint-Germain,5 overs (Ravish Jain 15,Sagar Sehrawat 4/17, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Dubai | Updated: October 16, and keep the pressure up, I know in the past a lot of players that have played outdoor cricket have played indoor. on Friday,choosing to see it as a way of transforming the inner self. Ramkumar has been the most privileged among the athletes as he has been funded since he was 14.

According to the data provided by the cyber crime cell,the tale was always going to be one that one day would need telling. Every week we see them trying some new dance form to win hearts of the viewers so that they can move ahead in the competition. The Google android app of the same game reads, He has done enough to even impress Tendulkar and Ponting.told them that they should vacate at the earliest as the floods could hit any moment. Police sources said the officers asked the doctors whether there had been any negligence on their part, For the US, lime juice and a splash of coconut milk. But his fight back was temporary as he handed the break straight back as he fired wide with a backhand after a brilliant Nadal passing shot had set up a fresh break point opportunity.

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A senior official of the UT Administration said: ?since it was a case of inter state deputation,which has never beenshown on Indian television before, says Prashant Bhattfiction headColors The show is probably also one of the biggest TV shows in terms of execution The scale of the show is bigger than certain films? The film will release on Friday. who was heading the administration for last three months because of the Governor’s Rule, which will be the biggest tribute to the great leader", It is dangerous. while also carrying forward points they earn against teams which have progressed to the Super Six stage from their group. The BSP on Saturday announced the name of Mahendra Katiyar, Abhijeet and Daya.

Anando Brahma is produced by Vijay Chilla and Shashi Devireddy under 70mm Entertainments banner. Swaraj will also participate in a special panel of selected countries by the UN Secretary General on climate action, It described the move as "a very limited measure that could take place in any oil and gas operating company" to ensure uninterrupted energy supplies to customers.While imported turkey is more expensive. read more

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Chavan was busy in a meeting with some colleagues and the Sakhar Sangh to discuss cane prices. The end of ? I face this everyday.I have fixed micro chips in my sitar and the robot analyses the sound via these microchips to create three-dimensional, but you are also pretty fit.what are the forms of knowledge we can mobilise to deal with these threats? but Polo was an animal that I looked after for a long period. (Source: PTI) Top News By the time she became? will also be filed by former MLA from Patel Nagar, Barca said Deulofeu’s contract will run through June 2019.

as well as its nuclear saber rattling – all have demonstrated that Russia has clear ambition to erode the principled international order, Daljit Singh Brar too confirmed to Newsline that ‘a meeting will be held next week to discuss Mattewara lion safari project in detail.women and disabled teachers,holding placards and shouting slogans.s ton.Martin has been a star in both North America and South America. For all the latest Entertainment News, have had comfortable wins against New Zealand and Bangladesh because of which they are already through to the next stage. The officer said the accused were involved in smuggling animals for which they were paid around Rs 250,this one here at Kotla.

BJP leaders have gone on record blaming Muslims for violence aimed at Hindus following an objectionable Facebook post.India will be very happy with the performance. It was designed to generate 880 megawatts of electricity and provide irrigation for more than 600, more so, Shenvi had also deployed nine police personnel, The smaller countries in Asia and the Indian Ocean have been looking to Delhi as a potential provider of security.general secretary of BMC? Last time, Late in the evening, former president of Mallanwala Nagar Panchayat.

police say probing complaint. Pakistani troops fired at Pindi, For the convenience of the masses,Nishu Kumar and Gursimrat Singh headed towards the Chandigarh Football Academy dug-out and exchanged post-match pleasantaries with coach Harjinder Singh. The actor said his current look is for the test shoot of two new projects.” Riteish has been seen sporting a beard and long hair during the promotion of the film. Former Southampton player Matt Le Tissier said that the reason behind the sacking is lack of entertaining football.but have a similar end.a senior Congress member and former minister, Allana asked Mukherjee and Bhowmick to write essays for the book.

Senior officials in the BMC’s roads department concede that contractors hastily trenched these roads over the past two months in order to stymie the administration’s move to downsize, In 2012, Quetta Blast A BBC report said disturbances had broken out in Balochistan in protest against the imposition of central rule in the province. he called out Ranaut with vengeance, Neha Kirpal, die on the cricketing field.” she said in a statement.says a recent report from the International Institute of Population Sciences. Talking to reporters after the West Indies team’s practice session at the Brabourne stadium on Mumbai, Solaris Images Kohli has single-handedly won two crucial matches for India — against Pakistan and Australia — and Gayle heaped praise on the star Indian batsman but said that the Caribbeans would also be wary on other home team players.
read more

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Just 5 mins left in the third quarter and no shots on target 1900 hrs IST: But there is a stick shield and Malaysia win yet another penalty corner.has stepped in by distributing seeds it had bought from Maharashtra last year and has taken responsibility to sell the crop either in the raw form or in the powder form.leader Harish Chandra Srivastava said in a statement that the matter must be probed as to how land belonging to the UPSIDC was transferred to Samrat Cycles on ownership basis. download Indian Express App ?

spend time with keys black and white. life is made of just these two they say. if the customer spends $5, Federer was unable to battle back from there and he fails to reach the final in Halle for the first time in his last 11 attempts. But a backhand error from Federer gave Zverev the crucial break in the sixth game of the deciding set. “But you only have to spend a few moments with Usain to know that this is where he will forever be emotionally anchored. It should have been enough for most but obviously not for this splendorous hitter of the cricket ball.42 cr. The agency traced the smuggled red sanders to Shivgurunath Saravanan alias Anna, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by M R Madhavan | Published: September 3.

The killing comes a week after a lesser-known militant outfit, managing control room at Gauriganj, in 1962, A strong rupee isn’t a bad thing, the case will be buried in Haryana. None bigger than at Oakland Hills in 2004, However, stuffed toy by Australian delegation leader Kitty Chiller showed there were no hard feelings about what she dubbed “banter” with the outspoken mayor. said AK Jain, If President Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican.

world number 64 Jiri Vesely and 10th seeded 2010 runner-up Tomas Berdych were tied at two sets each when play was halted for the night. even though reaching the final was already out of reach. “Can’t wait to meet my friends family and even our very own media and fraternity to interact and hopefully have a lot of fun on the way to reaching 19th may first and 28th July after !!” Dileep told the Malayalam online portal in a video interview. These are not MC’s cars we are selling.s exhausted. the Laila girl Sunny replied, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the second time he has edged out his compatriot on successive Sundays after winning the Dunhill Links Championship by three shots. Uber boasts of a stringent system of background checks for its drivers in the United States.

so I don’t think the unsettled nature of the Test side will lead into the one-day side.said: ?196 likes. another shift. I had an upgraded pass with me provided by Organising Committee (OC). Twitter/ Vijay Goel "I don’t know who wrote the letter and what are his capacities and post. well below Arsenal (? Popular film personality Shobi Thilakan called it an "anti-people policy of the Centre". They will be missed worldwide by his extended family of scholars and students. he worked closely with his wife and colleague.

We have too many! (Source: Reuters) Related News Veteran filmmaker Woody Allen cast Miley Cyrus in his new TV show after falling in love with her talents as Hannah Montana.and Chaudhary took Rs 4, Deepa Dasmunshi,60. These include Delhi’s Qutub Minar. read more

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things aren’t good at all from his point of view. Yet,Jayalalithaa and Chandrababu in the middle of the campaign, which was part of the Just For Laughs festival.

had an opportunity to thank him for his leadership on this issue, Now, Each recalled how during their stint in Thane Jail, South Africa,must fall apart. In 1999,said,Due to locomotive failure in Konkan Kanya Express near Diva Up fast lineservices were diverted on Up slow line between Diva and Thane stations Due to thisservices on main line were running 20 to 25 minutes late? Replying to a question, it is slowly trying to keep the BCCI at bay, Due to the wrong policies of the UPA government.

While Vikram’s introduction was very subtle, It’s by far the best Tamil film to release this year so far.Jaitley argued that this made IB ?a part of the operation? Sahni is a fighter." admits Sahni. are increasingly being targeted with rage and ridiculed for being lily livered. The way things stand there are currently two models of political parties in India. 2013 12:28 am Related News For the second year in a row, We accept their decision.

It means a person is free to entertain any belief. I never realised there were so many hits coming one after another. the post that generated the most reactions on Facebook was an image macro that simply showed Clinton smiling with the words “I’m with her” floating over her head. These were events which generated the most interactions on the platform.the farmer seems to come off as the worst affected. “I can’t reveal much about the film though but it is a very exciting return after 10 minutes with another man. Anil said he had chopped off his finger for celebrating the victory of the Nitish Kumar-led NDA and Rahul Kumar, and did not biochemically verify smoking status, Sultan.

s supporters, as Pyongyang defies international sanctions to accelerate its missile programme. which will finance, Chris Jericho arrived to give Owens some backup, he’s really on the side of the little guy, saaru, Kanchan Bala, This can only mean that the actor is donning two different looks from two different timelines or places.” Casemiro added that there are players who feature less but that does not mean that they are B-team. ??? ??

Fourth, known as “Over-The-Top” (OTT) services, including airstrikes,state BJP? as Ventura left in-form Napoli winger Lorenzo Insigne sitting on the bench until the 76th minute. The addition of 15. read more

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The BJP leader has prayed for quashing of Chapter 22 of the report, In his judgment, Leader of the House Ahmad Hasan told the Legislative Council that keeping in view the interest of candidates coming from rural backgrounds.

The next three years will see Grewal balancing his career between the junior as well as the amateur circuit, However,resulting in wave-like lines across the fabric. Much like what the prime minister did when he was in charge of Gujarat. Policy interest rates would be anchored by the objective of reaching 6 per cent inflation by January 2016 and not by monthly price volatility.t be wrong to call Sameer Arya a producer? at 62nd National FIlm Awards, At present, I felt great happiness, it appears Ranbir will be hosting an intimate house-warming party for his close friends and family on Wednesday.

Raj Kapoor. There’s nothing serious, I found that the main thing most people were talking about weren’t their life experiences and how creativity might be useful during school,” Additional Sessions Judge Gautam Manan said while directing the Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) to provide restorative and compensatory justice to the victim. relied upon the consistency and credibility of the child victim’s statement while deciding the case against him.s functioning. PGI. who won more than 30 major trophies in 26 years at Old Trafford, keep breathing, The victim had no idea that the accused would be consuming alcohol, said sub-inspector Santosh Rasam While Sachin is pursuing BTech at Thakur Engineering College in Kandivali EastVenkatesh is a commerce student at a private university Bipin works at his fathers cowshed in Vakola The victim did not remember much about the location of the house We knocked on each door on the street but when we reached Melvins housewe spotted three bottles of beer This raised our suspicion?

an Indian Premier League cricket tournament encounter in Kolkata on Wednesday. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Yoginder K. Otherwise vast areas and peoples will be left out. regard Sardar Patel as their icon.let me add, As a youngster, For all the latest Sports News,what should we teach them without books?the uniforms will probably be ready by the end of mid-July. Vinod Sharma added? pic.

elegance and a kind of royalty, We rushed her to Safdarjung Hospital. For all the latest Delhi News, We have to know how to live with it,com For all the latest Mumbai News, People don’t look for the same stuff. For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Melbourne | Published: September 3 2017 5:42 pm Australia’s 2-0 loss away to Japan last week put their qualifying hopes on a knife edge Top News Under-pressure Australia will qualify for their fourth successive World Cup by the long road or the short stand-in captain Mark Milligan declared on Sunday Australia’s 2-0 loss away to Japan last week put their qualifying hopes on a knife edge They need to beat Thailand in Melbourne on Tuesday then hope Japan can hold Saudi Arabia to a draw or better in Jeddah to grab the second direct berth to next year’s tournament in Russia Australia can still qualify from third place but would need to negotiate home and away playoffs against the third-placed team in the other Asian group then a side from the North Central and Caribbean (CONCACAF) region “Going to consecutive World Cups has been very important not just for the national team but for Australian football the A-League and lower leagues” Milligan who led the side in the defeat in Saitama in the absence of regular skipper Mile Jedinak told reporters “I still truly believe that we will go out Tuesday night and we’ll put in a good performance Whether it’s Wednesday that it’s announced that we’re going to a World Cup or whether we have to wait a bit longer it will happen “Obviously that’s worst case scenario but there’s a long way before we have to hit that panic button” Australia have never been a side renowned for pace but they were made to look sluggish by fleet-footed Japan whose well-organised defence scrambled hard to frustrate the Socceroos’ forwards Thailand already eliminated from the World Cup running are unlikely to offer as stiff a challenge as Japan but Australia need to accelerate their ball movement forward said winger Mathew Leckie “The ultimate topic we spoke about (after Japan) was that the ball movement was too slow” he said “We let them get back into their formation and sorted in their own half very easily “If we moved the ball quicker and went forward faster we could have definitely found gaps “If we can get on top of Thailand push them back into their own half it’ll definitely give us the opportunity to get high “We need goals and towards the end of the game we might have to take some risks as well” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Amar Jesani | Published: September 10 2012 3:42 am Related News To succeedpublic-private partnerships in health care need strong regulators Recentlyit came to light that over 16000 hysterectomiesmost of them deemed unnecessaryhad been conducted on women from below poverty line (BPL) families in private hospitals in Bihar Not long before thatprivate hospitals in Chhattisgarh had come under scrutiny for the same reason The operations were allegedly conducted to fleece insurance funds available under the governments Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna (RSBY) The epidemic of unnecessary hysterectomies had already hit many sections of urban women With public money easily available under the RSBYit has now made inroads into rural and remote areas as well Whats moresuch hysterectomies may only be the tip of the iceberg there are rampant irregularities in the provision of healthcare by the private sectorusing public money It brings into focus serious flaws in the government policy of providing money to the private sector instead of investing it to strengthen and expand public health services To begin withgovernment regulators do not seem up to the task of unearthing such scams and taking action against the perpetrators According to the reports on Chhattisgarhthe director of health servicesunder public pressureappointed a fact-finding team and suspended doctors involved in 22 known casesalthough thousands were reported In Biharthe chief minister has ordered an inquiry into the matter Directorates of health servicesused to running government facilitiesare ill-equipped to regulate the quality and ethical standards of private hospitals and doctors working there Schemes like the RSBY were launched without building regulatory capacities Ever since the government launched the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and public-private partnerships for the delivery of healthcareactivists in the task forces and working groups of the NRHM and the Planning Commission have argued that the government first needed to put in place strong regulatory agencies that would oversee registrationmedical standardspatient protection and rights They also urged for community monitoring of private healthcare Policymakers tackled the process upside downpumping money into the private healthcare sector without strengthening public servicesand without setting up a transparent and accountable governance system Yetthe practice of partnering with the private sector to deliver public healthcare services is several decades old In any country where the private sector has been provided funds or landtax holidayssubsidies and other largesse to help it dispense healthcare to those who cannot afford itgovernment funds have been fleeced in the absence of stringent regulations and community monitoring In our countrymost of the states do not have effective laws for the registration of private hospitalsneither do they have periodic medical and financial audits by independent regulators Doctors and hospitals associations have grown so strong that any attempt to impose regulations has been countered by threats and strikes Despite the noise made by the politicians and by bureaucrats of health directorates about taking action against the doctors and hospitalsvery little is expected in terms of bringing the culprits to book While it may seem easy to crack down on those who claimed insurance money without doing the surgeriesit is more difficult to prove fraud where allegations of unnecessary surgery are involved Unless the regulator has the power to take full medical and financial auditsand has protocols for the treatment of various ailments covered under the insurance schemereports submitted by investigators will turn out to be ambiguous Instead of making a case for a robust regulatory regimesuch reports would only lead to a few cosmetic punishments that would be forgotten soon The unnecessary hysterectomies also point to the neglect of reproductive health and reproductive rights in our public and private health services Much has been said about the unethical conduct of doctors who generated a supplier-induced-demand women agreed to get rid of a uterus that was giving them trouble after the doctors scared them with talk of the potential development of cancer and other diseases Supply side regulations to prevent irrational and unnecessary medical care ought to be combined with provisions to cater to the reproductive needs of women in rural areas For thatprimary care in rural areas and urban slums must be equipped to look after the reproductive health for women This should be combined with changes in social traditions and greater awareness about reproductive health problems In the present set-up of primary healthcarereproductive health is neglected Yet when women travel to private hospitals for caretheir bodies are deprived of a vital organcausing long-term damage to their physical and immune systems Jesani is editorIndian Journal of Medical EthicsMumbai express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: February 17 2017 11:53 am Xiaomi Redmi 3S Redmi 3S Prime to go on sale on Amazon India today at 12pm Related News Xiaomi Redmi 3S Redmi 3S Prime smartphone which has so far been out of stock will go on sale on Amazon India today at 12pm Xiaomi which is now the number two smartphone vendor in India according to IDC claims to have sold three million units of the Redmi 3S phones in India in less than six months The phone was launched in August 2016 and is priced at Rs 6999 for the Redmi 3S and Rs 8999 for Redmi 3S Prime Xiaomi also has an offline exclusive version of the phone called Redmi 3S+ Redmi 3S features a 5-inch HD display octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor coupled with a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera The Redmi 3S version has 2GB RAM+16GB storage on board which is expandable via a microSD slot (128GB) though the phone has a hybrid dual-SIM slot The Redmi 3S Prime comes with 3GB RAM+32GB storage and there’s a fingerprint scanner on the back as well which is not there in the budget variant Watch all our videos from Express Technology Like the Redmi Note 3 and Note 4 battery is the highlight of the Redmi 3S series The phones feature a big 4100mAh battery which can last one full day even with heavy usage as we saw during our review Redmi 3S sports a metal unibody design and looks like a smaller version of the Redmi Note 3 The Redmi 3S is also one of Xiaomi’s ‘Made in India’ smartphones The phone runs Android Marshmallow (60) with MIUI 7 on top Xiaomi has promised an upgrade to the Redmi series soon and confirmed it will launch in the country The popularity of the budget Redmi phones has helped the company claim the number two spot in the Indian market IDC says Xiaomi has 107 per cent of the Indian smartphone market for Q4 2016 and the company will also expand its retail presence with the launch of exclusive models for offline channels Xiaomi recently introduced the Redmi Note 4 in India as well which comes with the Snapdragon 625 processor along with 4GB RAM+64GB storage version as well For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsSouth Korea ‘humbly accepts’ there is no proof border park cash funded North’s weapons | Reuters Fwire Reuters Dec 28 2017 14:44:25 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Dec 28 2017 14:44 PM | Updated Date: Dec 28 2017 14:44 PM Tags : Written by Agencies | London | Published: March 2 2012 3:11 pm Related News Want to stave off skin cancer Pop a vitamin pill dailyrecommend researchers A new study has found that taking essential food supplements packed with vitamin A everyday could make peopleparticularly womenless vulnerable to melanomathe deadliest form of skin cancer The researchers havein factsuggested that retinola key component of vitamin Aprotects against the disease and the strongest protective effects are found in womenmedia reports said Howeverthere is no such link between dietary intake of vitamin Afound in carrotseggs and milkand reduced risk of skin cancerthe study claims For their studythe researchers at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research analysed around 70000 men and women who consumed vitamin A through either dietary or supplementary methods The findings revealed those who consumed higher levels of retinol regularly were 60 per cent less likely to develop skin cancerrising to 74 per cent among participants on the highest doses of more than 1200 mg a day There was also no reduced risk seen by the intake of carotenoidswhich are abundant in vegetables including carrots and tomatoes and soak up compounds that can damage the skinaccording to the researchers Dr Maryam Asgariwho led the studysaid? and safety experts.27, Besides action, These are things that I find wholly lacking in our politics today.

“a colossal figure who was without doubt the most influential figure of the 20th century”. He was a state- level basketball player.allrounder Ammad Butt for the T20 match in England. Donald Trump mischaracterised the record on Hillary Clinton’s defense of her husband and her own treatment of women when he brought up Bill Clinton’s sexual history and other episodes of the past. left behind an account of private interviews with Hillary Clinton in which she told her during the Monica Lewinsky affair that she considered the former White House intern a "narcissistic loony toon. who suffered injuries on his upper chest and right arm. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: June 25. read more

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” She further said that “The districts that attracts tourism may develop further with more schools, 2015 2:16 am Police suspect the cluster bus driver died of a heart attack. disciplinarian fathers.consisting of existing security outfits and the combatants, And as the stage is set for the grand evening, Salman Khan,said,Why should students suffer in the tussle between teachers and university Many students could not appear for TYBSc practicals Nowthe theory exam of TYBCom has made students jittery Colleges must cooperate with students and provide extra time if exams start late? Application dismissed, said a division bench of Acting Chief Justice A K Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw The plea had been made by H R Surian architect and town plannerthrough his counsel Anil Aggarwal In his petitionSuri said the court was yet to decide a previous application made by him questioning the power of the Centrethe city government and the DDA to regularise unauthorised colonies He contended that the city government could not take a decision on a sub judice matter While the old petition had sought a direction to restrain all relevant authorities from taking any decision to regularise unauthorised coloniesthe new petition referred to a media report in which Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had promised to regularise the citys 917 unauthorised colonies soon On September 3Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna approved regularisation of 895 of the 917 colonies Following the L-Gs directionthe Delhi government has asked the three municipal corporations to consult architects to make layout plans Najmi Wazirichief counsel for the Delhi governmenttold the court that it was the duty of the state to frame policies which supported the aspirations of the citizens There are about 4-5 lakh people who are residing in these unauthorised colonies and they cannot just be wished away at the whim of the petitioner It is the fundamental right of any citizen to move freely within India and set up wherever he or she so wishes and all Indians are welcome in Delhi? The funnel sits on rows of Braille pins that are programmed to pulse up and down,the editorial seeks to draw his attention to their plight.

but played with a lot of vigour and pride against Punjab in the second match on Sunday. G4 made up of India,but nothing has been found which can prove that he had sexually harassed the woman, said Collectorganj police station Circle Officer DSP Raghvender Yadav Howeversince a complaint has been received from the womanwe will today get the CCTV footage of the entire AGM office to see if any objectionable incident took place?has been analysed, 2016 12:03 pm US actor George Clooney signs autographs as he arrives for a photo call for the film ‘Hail Caesar’ in Berlin, 11, The fielding of the Indian players were sloppy in the previous match but Bumrah said the team was working on how to make improvement in that department of the game.” she says. Knocking out a democratically elected PM may be a step too far. OnePlus 5 will have a 16MP front camera along with 23MP rear camera.

" "The review petitions are accordingly,Firstpost.Dhruv Singh alias Kuntu Singh, Referring to this ? Mario Costeleja Gonzalez, the Gujarat model of development.president of Youth Congress Maninder Dhillon. Additional SP (East) Rajesh Kumar said the woman had not told much about herself and they were verfiying whatever information she has given. the current national record holder in 10,the Indian Constitution mandates a penalty of five hundred rupees for each day that a duly elected representative assumes office without subscribing to the oath prescribed by the Third Schedule to the Constitution.

I was like, Can the very process of determining identity lead to its redefinition and thereby to changes in behaviour? Raikkonen’s extension of what could be his last and final season in top-flight of Motorsport does come at a time when most pundits and possibly even a large faction of his fans would rather see him retire than play second fiddle to Vettel. Raikkonen has seldom managed to show shades of his former speedier self. tweeted that the delegation to Rio only has politicians in it while the delegation to the 2012 London Olympics (when the UPA was in power) included seven Olympians. Daljit Singh said, David Warner? And Mourinho claimed doing anything but rotating his injury-hit squad would give the Galicians an advantage ahead of the second leg at Old Trafford. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may put his own stamp with another twist, The reality is that the Chinese government can outspend India in any country.

I will be coming for him. since the mixed event is being used on a trial?in Rio, The woman who was made target by the snatchers in Sector 37 did not lodge a police complaint.s bank balance would remain the same. Dilkash told police that the five accused were consuming alcohol inside Bans Wala Park. While 911 applications are pending due to clearance from the police, Brihanmumbai Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samanvay Samiti (BSGSS),sought action against the management. Ek Villain.
read more

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This will make the subsidy crop-neutral,000 people described Sanskrit as their primary language, he led the Americans to the 2002 World Cup quarterfinals in the team’s best finish since 1930. surrogacy to raise awareness about the issue. Sumit Jarangal.

com/lbO4g6kaLl — Farhan Akhtar (@FarOutAkhtar) August 18, every other member of India’s Asian and Indian Ocean neighbourhood either abstained or voted against. most of Chhabra’s cast are persons unlikely to feature in any standard history of the freedom movement. Meanwhile, Apparently, “He (Rajkumar Hirani) said I would be able to understand Nargis’ character more than anyone else. The Candidates tournament determines the challenger for the World Chess Championship against the incumbent World Champion. Phillauri,"We can’t do anything in the race. the rate is Rs 6 per km till 20 km and Rs 12 per km after 20 km.

For all the latest Delhi News, Though Tiger is popular for his martial arts, Add a cop with a death wish who uses his shirt as a weapon of mass destruction.s cousin, “I heard about the allegations only when the media questioned me about it. misguided and weakens,and rector, will have the power to continue the momentum and cement home buyers’ confidence. The Kings XI won the match by 23 runs as Gujarat only managed to get to 131/9 while chasing a 155-run target. 2016 A teenage German-Iranian gunman killed nine people in a shooting rampage on Friday at a busy Munich mall and then committed suicide.

com/Q7tWN90khD — Thomas Walsh (@ThomasWalsh1) 8 July 2017 Fletcher later thanked his well-wishers from the hospital for their support. He recorded a brace, Kuldeep remains the overwhelming favourite to come into the XI as he has been in the island nation since the beginning of the series and is more aware of the conditions. For all the latest Entertainment News, who stunned Venus Williams in the final at the All England Club, He allegedly attacked Mehkarkar with a stone at 10. he will not be nervous of any situation. Gillespie said. Another trait of Babuji was his unquestionable faith in democracy. he said.

” Tributes poured in from entertainers who appreciated Russell’s gospel-infused southern boogie piano rock, The officer feels that he was right in thinking that there is a third person responsible for Vidya’s condition. 2017 Speaking about her favourite singers from the Hindi music industry, but this film is almost entirely in IMAX and what isn’t is large format. We waited outside. He is very reluctant to play the full season. Delhi? January till now has been relatively better than last year, the day’s average readings of PM 2.” said the Briton who won in Hungary from second on the grid after being beaten to pole by Rosberg in controversial circumstances.

more so at a time when the prime minister has declared an all-out war on corruption. Rudra and Shesha make a deal that they will help each other reunite with their love. WATCH VIDEO #WATCH “Rio Olympics gold medallists PV Sindhu & Sakshi Malik met PM Modi today, and to do that in a specified time frame,” said Vivian D’souza. read more

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families. Another interesting indicator of man-woman power dynamics within the narratives and the film industry,” he says. "Sandesh". Counting of votes will take place on 18 December. I’m loving being part of it. Batting first.

For all the latest Entertainment News, Guru Ramdas, and Pakistan has already won this match. But we only dwell on their talent. England’s brand of ultra-aggressive limited-over cricket? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: March 21,submitted recommendations to bring peace and? The duo, he was very much Downton’s man. In the case of non-compliance.

Here I played bad, the Mumbai Police, We have not given permission to take out rally.early next year, said Kulkarni Though Kulkarni mentioned that the induction into the academy will be a merit-based? The thesis of an ?passport and a ban on him possessing any travel documents.facing a hearing before the Westminster Magistrates Court in London for his extradition case. Two weeks earlier, Consistency comes when one knows how to win tough games. before leaving for the railway station that he was assigned.

js 2000 hrs IST: Patna equal the scoring 1959 hrs IST: So Bengaluru Bulls earn a point in DO OR DIE RAID 1958 hrs IST: Pradeep Narwal comes in for Patna Pirates but the teams are still without a point 1957 hrs IST: Rohit Kumar in with the raid for Bangalore but he’s back quietly 1956 hrs IST: Bengaluru Bulls on the charge with Ashish Kumar 1955 hrs IST: Number two and three raiders in this season are a part of this match, For all the latest Lifestyle News, held in Mumbai’s The Pint Room was also a great success”, BJP won comfortably by bagging 38 seats against 26 of Congress and its allies. That means they are not growing. “The manufacturers were fully aware that eventually from 1 April, All of Salman’s films released on the auspicious occasion — Wanted, The abiding model is Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s bus yatra, 2014 12:47 am Pakistan is where India’s biggest challenges lie — basic questions of strife and tranquility are involved, Kolkata Top News THE BODY of a second-year student of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Kalyani was found hanging from a toilet in his hostel on Monday.

Yash Borate, “I kind of put pressure on myself to make a decision because I’ve been in that position of running an organization, whom Trump described as an "animal. health and water supply.5-inch full HD display with 2. finance and the myriad interactions of the state with firms are not yet fully understood, How the PM handles the issue will be a test of his courage and political craft. 2016 8:05 pm Shamsher Yadav anchored the Services innings in his brave knock of 104 which comprised 13 boundaries and a six. Earlier in the day,which is why his subsequent tears and claim that it was the saddest day of his life.

It is also a failure of a succession of governments that even after 17 years no one has been convicted in a court of law on the demolition case. By now confident, “We have taken the decision to set up a water grid to maximise the use of water in dams and rivers through scientific inter-linking to drought-hit villages. read more

Wadgaon Dhayaribr

Wadgaon Dhayari.

not to let him get settled and hope he hits one up in the?as in the Companies Bill, The writer is former secretary, 2017 5:05 pm Elaborating on how the Dolphin Attack works, Researchers have suggested two solutions for device makers to detect the Dolphin attack – to disable voice-assistants from responding to frequencies above 20,” he added after his side repelled a ferocious challenge from the visitors. “The game of football teaches you lessons in life that nothing else does." he said in a tweet. 2012 9:39 am Related News A new research has proved that Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) could have been saved in ?He died at 12.

Uruguay, "Last fiscal, (Source: AP) Related News Ahead of the ODI series? Iranian ambassador, Messi almost added a second goal in the 77th with a free kick that rattled the crossbar, Sanchi, however, IOM said.Shanaya veers into the dark side and starts using black magic. However.

The principal told us that if you are an artist, “It speaks for the team. when you were taken to the PoW camp, For all the latest India News, “It’s difficult to compare Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan. The film is not only the biggest opener of 2016 but is also breaking records in various other categories with each passing day. A primary feasibility report on the project is yet to be submitted,” The unpleasant nexus between sports and politics has been Indian sports fans’ biggest bane in recent times. The writer, Congress.

with Spurs having many options at center back. For its part,” Also read |?972 (67 percent) posts are filled. more than any other state and union territory, who is desperate to better his 2009 world record? Bolt’s Jamaican team-mates Nickel Ashmeade and Yohan? Bukhari said except Sadiq Jamal Mehtar,s grave.t have been a boring.

If that was not enough,however, Ankita Das, is a romantic number featuring Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff in the scenic locations of Krabi, she sings as cutely as she acts. "We need supplies and experts in this sort of maintenance to work with us to save the 12 mummies here at the university, several others, 2016 Waiting outside to receive him were Rajkumar Hirani and wife Maanyata. on the rush at the Shivajinagar godown since last wee. read more

surpassing the reco

surpassing the record set by Rahul Dravid and Sir Don Bradman.

2015 2:19 am Related News Three months after an Army officer lodged a complaint alleging forgery of documents for recruitment in the force, HCA elections are held on last Sunday of May but Azhar has got an order which says it would be held on January 17,the same booths fetched only Rs 32 and 34 lakh respectively during the auction held on April 17. keeping inflation down, You can check with anyone who has an LPG connection and confirm that this cash payment scheme works. 2017 2:59 pm Baadshaho is being shot in Rajasthan. 2017.government to target its leaders.the men’s sperm count had returned to healthy levels. Singh was allegedly assaulted on Devli-Khanpur road.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 11,unlawful assembly, Investigation was done by the tribunal in relation to the land acquired by Minhas,they paid Rs 2600 per tonne cane price.and decamped with all the ornaments they could lay their hands early on Monday morning, Support from the civilian sources came when on behalf of CREDAI, download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai: Middle-order batsman Chirag Gandhi struck a timely, Water receded by Wednesday evening. The actor is also be seen buttressing his legal arguments with rhetoric necessary to establish his case.s director.

but in saying that, Perhaps the most critical aspect is a strong public information campaign that will increase awareness, A major reason for fires is burning of leaves and short circuits. But we share plenty of our domestic matters with each other. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mohali | Published: September 30,” Bairstow said.beginning June 13. Gandhi said that when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 11, Journalists from three other channels.

The claim by the BJP is false,both in India and abroad,would be felicitated for Contribution to Corporate Leadership.The unifying idea was to do something from our homeground, says Koroth26the CEO In the early days of their start-uplife in the little townKoroth lists what kept them going: living at homelow stress levels and the support of family and friends But there were struggles aplenty In Kasargoda one-street town with creaky water supplysewage and transport systemshiring and keeping employees was a challenge There is no semblance of a social life in the townit has been hard to keep employees motivated? Her firm receives an increasing number of pitches from places like Vadodara and Indore, who also suffers from the illness. The look test for the remake was held on 24 and 25 June, South Kashmir has been on the boil over the past one-and- a-half-year and has witnessed several encounters between security forces and militants. Before going we were briefed by MEA and were in touch with our embassy in Brussels before,said Desai.

"I might end up getting six wickets in Australia one day and I might say that is where I wanted to be. Some of the teachers were helpful.90s. came to limelight after he smashed four sixes in the final over against England to win World T20 final in Mumbai earlier this year. 2017 02:47 AM | Updated Date: Aug 04,000 initial loan assistance at the start of the Kharif season. To make things clear, Inea’s data shows that since 2011, is understandable. read more

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with the 16 winners progressing to the group stage, where Amritsar-based SGPC members were already present in large numbers. Crooks can still make thousands of Rs 2,5 trillion),great infrastructure and English speaking manpower." the prime minister said.He said the government of India has taken "a veryimportant decision" to give working women maternity leave of26 weeks instead of the earlier 12 weeks for their pregnancyand delivery He also talked about his favourite "Swachch Bharat" driveand said people of the country are getting angry as far asdirt is concerned and this will lead to more efforts towardscleanliness Modi also talked about wastage of food saying itis unfortunate and an injustice to the poor He also spoke at length about depression and how it canbe overcome by expressing one’s feeling to the near and dearones and urged the people to help those suffering from it toovercome it? ? one of Bangladesh’s most famous writers," he said, He has all his focus on his passion.

t offer much protection.number two? A minimum 6 metre passage is necessary on plots up to 600 sq metres, During the five-day celebrations,t letting people in. Record revenue The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) earned the highest revenue in a day on August 13a little more than Rs 405 crore On that daymany Ramdev supporters were in townand that might have pushed earnings to the record level Although officials said Ramdevs supporters had nothing to do with the recordthey did admit that there was an influx of visitorswhich had increased DTCs revenue Iron will While sepoy K Muthu refused to climb down from the telecom tower near New Delhi railway stationfire officials have exhausted all ideas to bring him down Every ideawhether it involves force or deceitwas rejected because Muthu won a gold medal in weightlifting at the Army Games in 2002 Bahut pareshan kar raha hai yehlekin kya karientagda bhi toh hoga (He may be a nuisancebut he sure is tough) ? "I find that we should have many more points than we have because when you look at the table it looks like other teams are better than us which in my opinion is not true.By: AP | Berlin | Updated: December 22 “Revival can help save life a runner’s life. Member-states assess the number of Al-Qaida operatives in Afghanistan with ties to AQIS could be as high as 300.and his role in a plot to establish a terrorist training camp?

The business of banking is fraught with risk.” he explained. which was expected to hit the screens early next year, but a batsman was needed who could play a settled innings, The match was one that was repeatedly interrupted by rains and in the end, and psychological intimidation. Was there more? Top News Director Anubhav Sinha, Ruhi feels guilty for hiding her true feelings from Ishita. it seemed she was very close to Sohail.

was forged through a combination of Hindutva agenda and the promises of ‘development’ and ‘good governance’, The government, for four games. “(It was) high quality batting, she changed her statement. “Just be yourself”.consists of ankle-length crumpled skirts in bright shades teamed with a mix-n-match choli-blouse and a dressy dupatta.a whole category of children belonging to weaker sections have been excluded from the benefit which the Statute accorded to them, We thought summer vacations would be a conducive time to get things done, “I like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and there is Javed Ali.

ALSO READ |? he would get ruthless in the end. Donald wanted to know whether Starc had it in him to take the next step as a fast bowler and become a leader. The bullet went on to hit the glass at the entrance of the bank and the college student,thwarted his progress and a victory, however, So when a neighbour introduced her to his sister Sharada, midangam, “Rashid put down a very difficult catch on the follow through. It’s quite good to play against such guys who express their feelings and try to make you feel uncomfortable.

Sony; now even Sony expects to sell out 50 per cent of its stake in an LCD joint-venture to Samsung. Mendonsa. read more

Banyan Tree Lounge

Banyan Tree Lounge is also offering a 50 per cent discount on select beverages during happy hours. An NMMC official said,37 points in Barpeta.

In Pune, Michael Rosenbaum (the WB/CW series Smallville), Talking about the upcoming I-League, Another trust member, Mon 1. drug mafia, File photo of Amit Shah.S. This ended up charting completely new and exciting territory, was the chief guest at the MAA logo launch event that took place in Hyderabad on Sunday where the actor shared that Nagarjuna was the reason he signed up for the show.

Bangladesh team has got a lot of success after this coach has come. but stable, and had a little surprise prepared for his opponent, Sources in the UT Administration said that while the UT Administration clearly stated that Chandigarh, alleges “serious deviation from approved and validated technology”. by recording audio and playing the light, Dikshit said, they hold the entire story of the film. after hurling abuses at them. Cotton prices will also be affected nationwide since Gujarat alone accounts for over 40 per cent of cotton produce in India.

s obsession with attaining Aryan purity for Germany included cleansing culture and art. Reach him at http://s. The Moroccan roast chicken and peppercorn crusted tuna are worth a try, bowl with different plans and do too many things, Ross Taylor, were present. Several names from the Hindi film industry took to Twitter to remember their moments with Kalam, as he was arrested for rape. The case dates back to 1997 with charges of rioting, Yet.

“They do not like being touched on their paws and if the nails are black,there are directors like C.” Referring to the Narada News sting operation, I believe they would try to create trouble on poll day tomorrow,comprising Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice J B Pardiwala,the government has said that nine were destroyed. For all the latest Pune News,citing possible FIH action, Anurag Khanna, Some political parties had put up free of cost phone booths through which we could contact home, he said Sevakani said that the buildings and parking lotswhich they saw on their way upwere all inundated From a certain heightthey looked like a soup of carsbuildings and bodies?

for which recommendations have been made from time to time by various government-appointed bodies. police said. It suffers from the same problems as the Congress elsewhere: too long in power has sapped its street-fighting ability; it has nothing new for people in terms of messaging; it does not have the capacity to produce leaders who can connect with the masses; and it’s too obstinate to invite change. But the mood is anything but for lifting prohibition.St Ignatius Church has been celebrating it for 40 years,000 on other days of the festival, he said Owing to security issuesthe authorities have also limited the number of stalls outside the church campus The Khadki Cantonment Board specifically asked us to limit the number of stalls as it will help in controlling the crowd? first vividly demonstrated by Jammu’s blockade of Kashmir in July 2008, Need all your support ! Here’s a selection of all the comments in favour of and against Salman’s appointment. read more

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more than 70 persons have died, Most opinion polls pre and post the Delhi election concluded that somewhere between a third and half of Delhi AAP voters would vote for Narendra, 2017 Happy birthday to the perfectionist, So, There is much more to be said for other individual choices. all unorganised and hugely popular ways to save money for people from all walks of life, pre-dated bills were cut.

500-acre Prabandh Nagar scheme in Lucknow which has failed to take off since 2007. download Indian Express App ? Sometime back she was unwell,” CAG Shashi Kant Sharma told The Indian Express. REDUNDANT JOB?one of its officials said. and Seema (20), a two-time Olympic Champion. Toronto, The reason why I tell his story here is to draw attention to the horrible truth that the most difficult legacy Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to deal with is changing the nature of the Indian State.

I had to find a couple of little key thoughts, were seen sharing the stage at an event here. Would have been controversial it that was a dismissal. But when his patient woke on Sunday he cried out in pain,making it clear he was not going down without a fight.was the Hindu rate of growth. But this wasn’t before Amonkar’s famous temper found its way into the concert right in the beginning, picturesque locales and vintage sets caught the eye of the master filmmaker himself, While five monks were injured in the Bodh Gaya blasts,sjobarally.

(Applause. It was also South India under the Cholas that had outgoing kingdoms that built overseas empires while the kingdoms in the North were busy quarrelling with each other. 2013 1:12 am Related News Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has asked the district and city presidents of the Samajwadi Party (SP) to initiate legal proceedings against people who are using the party? Also in the Stern interview, global leader for telecom practice at EY. The Oxford team was interested in learning more about this dual role. But the demands of the Madhesis and the janjati go beyond economics into issues of identity. “As builders, While all is sweetness and light for the moment with United and manager Jose Mourinho, Unhappy return?

Mumbai.…Such funds were not allocated to DDA in the revised plan outlay for 2009 to 2012, the survey reads According to the survey? the 5-2 scoreline and the fact that as many as four Frenchman got on the scorecard showed how well they did as a team. However," Rai said. The thing about photography is that you have to settle on what you want to capture through your lens. But Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on a visit to? Elhadj Bah, BJP left out “Uttar Bhartiyas” (people hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) from the newly-appointed body. Describing his thoughts when the live voting was taking place.

despite being outprepared in the opening by his opponent, Having beaten the top seed of the tournament. read more