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Bill Bryson In Awe Of Scientists

first_imgAuthor Bill Bryson gave a talk this month at one of a series of benefits to raise £100 million in support of the building of the Francis Crick Institute, an interdisciplinary medical research facility.Bryson spoke about his deep respect for scientists – men and women who display a level of dedication and a willingness to endure discomfort that is uncommon in other professions, purely for the progression of learning.Citing his conversation with a researcher who spends weeks in Antarctica each year to take glacier measurements to better understand the changing climate, Bryson said, “It gave me a moment of clarity about what scientists do because I could never do that. I don’t know any writer who would go and spend three months in a tent with a stranger just to gather another morsel of information for the sake of humanity. I don’t know any historians who would, or any lawyers or accountants. But I do know many scientists who would do that. The other thing that is as extraordinary to me is that [they are] happy to do it essentially anonymously. That is what scientists do.”Apropos of sacrifice for science and Francis Crick Institute’s collaboration with scientists from all disciplines to find new preventions and treatments for diseases, Bryson included a reading from his book, A Short History of Nearly Everything. The humorous excerpt described some of the trials and tribulations of an 18th-century collaboration of scientists to record the transit of Venus from points around the globe as it crossed the face of the sun in order to determine the distance of the sun from Earth.You can see Bill Bryson’s presentation here.Copyright ©2012Look to the Starslast_img read more

G7 labour ministers look to set plan for tech disruption in workforce

OTTAWA — A group of G7 ministers handling how governments help workers caught in the churn of a rapidly changing labour market will sit down starting today to hammer out a path through the employment storm.Labour Minister Patty Hajdu says a key goal for the two-day meeting in Montreal will be to create an employment task force that will undertake research and craft recommendations on priority areas for the group of seven countries.She says there will also be talk about how to help older workers stay in the workforce longer, an issue several governments have looked into in order manage public spending as populations age.The meeting is among several that Canada will host this year ahead of the G7 leaders meeting in early June.The theme for the labour meeting is about how countries can prepare their populations for the jobs of the future in labour market defined by fewer full-time jobs and more short-term contracts, known as the “gig” economy.There will also be an emphasis on how to help workers displaced by technological changes like automation and prepare workers for new jobs.Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, who is co-hosting the meeting with Hajdu, says the ministers hope to find common ground to have policies that help the widest number of people possible benefit from technological changes.The federal government has put its budgetary weight behind spending programs that promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields for students, and a program known as CanCode aimed at teaching coding and digital skills to one million students.Bains says there will also be talk about artificial intelligence in the labour market and how that will affect workers.The meetings will wrap up Wednesday afternoon. read more

CES forecast global tech spending to fall 2 per cent in 2016

by The Associated Press Posted Jan 4, 2016 12:55 pm MDT Last Updated Jan 4, 2016 at 8:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email CES forecast: global tech spending to fall 2 per cent in 2016, as prices drop LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The latest developments surrounding the consumer-electronics show in Las Vegas known as CES (all times local):4:30 p.m.Global technology spending is expected to decline 2 per cent to $950 billion in 2016.Blame falling prices for smartphones, TVs and laptops and weak economic growth in places like China. All that is putting a damper on growing categories like wearable fitness bands, smart home devices and drones.Steve Koenig, the Consumer Technology Association’s director of market research, announced the grim forecast at the opening press briefing at CES, the annual gadget show in Las Vegas that officially kicks off Wednesday.Among other headwinds are the strong dollar, which makes devices sold in other currencies seem worse. The CTA’s forecast is calculated in U.S. dollars.Another big forecast is that tablets are being squeezed out of the market, as smartphones come with larger screens and convertible laptops act like tablets when detached from their keyboards.Global unit sales of tablets are seen falling for the second year in a row, to 176 million units from 192 million last year. The peak was in 2014 when 224 million tablets were sold.— Ryan Nakashima, AP Business Writer, Las Vegas___2:30 p.m.The annual CES gadget show that officially kicks off Wednesday is expecting between 150,000 attendees and last year’s record 176,000, after the host organization took measures to cap attendance.The Consumer Technology Association made getting passes tougher and charged early registration fees of $100 to $300 to people who hadn’t attended shows in the past two years. It’s an attempt to rein in the sprawling show and ensure attendees have a good experience.But exhibitor square footage continues to grow, to over 2.4 million square feet, up from last year’s 2.23 million. That’s fueled by the growth in space devoted to autos, health and fitness wearables, virtual reality, 3-D printing and drones.There are also over 500 startups at the show, up from around 375 last year.— Ryan Nakashima, AP Business Writer, Las Vegas___1:30 p.m.Can you really walk away from your oven? Whirlpool hopes so with its new smart oven.With a smartphone, you can start, stop and adjust the temperature from another room. You get alerts when pre-heating or cooking is done so you won’t have to keep checking.And if you leave home, the app will alert you if the oven is still on — if you also have a Nest thermostat, which can detect when you’re away.It isn’t immediately known, though, whether there are any mechanisms to prevent you from accidentally turning the oven on while away.Manufacturers like Whirlpool are using this week’s CES gadget show in Las Vegas to showcase the latest technologies in everyday appliances. As these appliances connect to the Internet and to each other, people will be able to perform many basic functions from another room with a smartphone.Whirlpool is also unveiling a dishwasher that can alert you when your dishes are done and estimate how much detergent you have left. It’ll even automatically order more supplies if you’ve set up re-ordering through Amazon’s Dash program.The CES show starts Wednesday, though companies typically unveil new products earlier.— Anick Jesdanun, AP Technology Writer, New York___12:35 p.m.A new floor-cleaning robot from LG will respond to its owner telling it: “You missed a spot.”The South Korean company’s HOM-BOT Turbo+ makes use of cameras that record where it’s already cleaned. If it didn’t do a good job, augmented reality will come to the rescue.Using any smartphone screen, the owner can point to a still-dusty area and the robot will go there to tidy up. And unlike a human, it probably doesn’t mind being bossed around. Pricing and availability weren’t announced.This and other gadgets are set to be on display at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas, which opens Wednesday.— Ryan Nakashima, AP Business Writer, Las Vegas___11:55 a.m.Fiat Chrysler is joining the parade of automakers incorporating Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto into their infotainment services.The company says both smartphone systems will be available on some unspecified models worldwide starting later in 2016. They will be part of the fourth generation of Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect touch-screen system. Fiat Chrysler says the new Uconnect system will start faster with quicker and more vivid touch screens.Automakers have gradually been adding the Apple and Google systems to their infotainment systems, largely because customers want the screens to mimic their familiar smartphones and perform tasks the same way.On Monday, Ford also announced plans to add the systems to its Sync infotainment centres. General Motors is rolling the systems out on select models, and others are also moving in that direction. At the same time, automakers are developing their own systems to control car functions.Among the holdouts: Toyota says it has no plans yet to add Apple’s or Google’s system yet to its Toyota and Lexus infotainment services.The announcements come as the CES show in Las Vegas is set to open Wednesday.—Tom Krisher, AP Auto Writer, Las Vegas___11:35 a.m.Intel, the giant chip company, is buying a German drone maker.The move is part of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s broader strategy to promote the use of Intel chips for new technologies — including drones, robots and a variety of sensor-equipped devices. This comes as sales decline for makers of personal computers, which are traditionally among Intel’s biggest customers.The German company, Ascending Technologies, already uses some Intel gear in its flying devices. At last year’s CES gadget show in Las Vegas, Krzanich showed how Ascending Technologies is using Intel’s RealSense three-dimensional optical sensors to help its drones navigate.Intel has recently invested in several drone makers, including Ascending, China’s Yuneec and California-based Airware.Now Intel is buying Ascending outright. Intel wouldn’t disclose the sales price, but says Ascending’s 75 or so employees will be offered jobs at Intel.Krzanich is scheduled to give the opening keynote at CES on Tuesday evening.— Brandon Bailey, AP Technology Writer, San Francisco___11 a.m.Toyota will link all of its new vehicles to cellular networks starting with 2017 models in the U.S.Driver and passengers get access to selected Internet data, but Toyota’s “Data Communication Module” won’t be a wireless hotspot just yet.Drivers will get improved navigation and get updates on vehicle health and service. They’ll be able to locate, lock, unlock and start their vehicles from a smartphone. The system will notify authorities if air bags are inflated in a crash.Eventually passengers will be able to get broader wireless access, but Toyota had no details on timing or fees.The company also plans to set up a data centre to communicate with the cars, and it’s joining Ford and Livio to develop the bones to link smartphone devices and apps to vehicles.Toyota says it has no plans yet to add Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto to Toyota and Lexus infotainment systems.—Tom Krisher, AP Auto Writer, Las Vegas___10:40 a.m.Smart TVs running Roku’s streaming TV software will display better pictures this spring as Roku introduces sharper, 4K resolution and an emerging technology known as HDR.With HDR, or high-dynamic range, TVs will be able to display a greater range of colour and contrast. It’s a feature expected in many TV models to be unveiled this week at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas.Roku said Monday that Chinese manufacturer TCL will be the first to offer 4K, HDR sets using Roku’s system. Like other Roku TVs, the new sets will not only display traditional TV channels, but also thousands of streaming services including Netflix and Hulu. It’s largely the same software used in Roku’s stand-alone streaming devices.Although CES doesn’t open until Wednesday, many companies are unveiling their new products and services earlier.— Anick Jesdanun, AP Technology Writer, New York___10:10 a.m.Ladies and gentlemen, start your headsets.Oculus says it will start taking orders for its much-hyped Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday. The company says this is the final product that will go on sale, not a developers’ kit. However, it is staying mum for now on the price or shipping date of the headset.More details are expected to emerge Wednesday. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey will also do a Q&A on social media site Reddit on Wednesday.The company, which was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion, says the headsets will come with two video games, “Lucky’s Tale” by Playful and CCP’s “EVE: Valkyrie.”The Rift will require a fairly powerful computer. Oculus plans a certification program so consumers can look for a sticker on PCs that support the Rift. Asus, Dell and Alienware will have certified models that cost less than $1,000.Oculus was also behind a $100 Samsung VR headset. It is less powerful than the Rift and works with a Samsung phone rather than a PC.— Mae Anderson, AP Technology Writer, New York___8:45 a.m.Microsoft says Windows 10 is now running on more than 200 million computers and other devices, five months after the new software was released.The company says Windows 10 is seeing faster adoption than earlier Windows versions, with 40 per cent of Windows 10 devices activated since the holiday shopping season started after Thanksgiving.Microsoft made the announcement in a blog post as PC makers prepare to unveil new Windows 10 products at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas this week.Microsoft is hoping the new software — which runs on personal computers, tablets, game consoles and other gadgets — will help it regain ground as it battles Apple and Google for consumer loyalty. It hopes to have Windows 10 on a billion devices in three years.But it has a way to go. Analysts say the most common PC operating system is still Windows 7, which was released more than six years ago and lacks capabilities of newer releases.— Brandon Bailey, AP Technology Writer, San Francisco___8:20 a.m.Ford is joining several other automakers and adding Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto to its Sync touch-screen infotainment system.The automaker also plans to install a 4G LTE wireless connection to its vehicles starting with the 2017 model year.The familiar Apple and Google systems will be mimicked on the car’s screen, with voice commands available. Ford said Monday that owners of Sync 3-equipped 2016 models in North America will get a chance to update software later this year, and the systems will appear on all Sync-equipped 2017 models.Initially the wireless modem will let drivers find their cars in parking lots, unlock and start them from smart phones, and check the gas level and tire pressure. While the car is moving, smartphones will still be needed for Internet access. But spokesman Alan Hall says eventually the modems will be available for use as wireless hot spots. He says there won’t be any recurring service fee for the first five years.Ford also will announce additional apps that will be compatible with Sync.Hall wouldn’t comment on reports that Ford and Google will announce an autonomous car partnership at the gadget show. But he says Ford will have an autonomous car announcement.— Tom Krisher, AP Auto Writer, Las Vegas read more

Woman very lucky to survive after diving into sea to save her

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Chris Ingall, of Brighton and Hove City Council’s seafront operations manager said she was “very lucky” as she could have been swept out to sea.He continued: “If she had been any deeper in, that wave would have come behind her, over the top of her, and pushed her down into deep water.”Fortunately, the force of the water pushed her back up the beach, otherwise that could have been a very different outcome.”In the Brighton sea, the pebbles slope very steeply and it only takes a few steps to be out of your depth. The council official warned dog walkers to keep their animals on a lead in these stormy conditions.He advised that if an animal does get swept out to sea, it is likely it will float and be pushed back to land by the waves.Mr Ingall said: “In those sorts of conditions you’re not going to be able to get to your dog.”He also commented that she looked “shocked and cold” after the rescue attempt.center_img A woman has been described as “very lucky” after diving into crashing, stormy waves to retrieve her dog, who had swum out to sea.The dog walker was in Brighton when her dog ran into the waves on Sunday near the Palace Pier.She is seen being knocked off her feet by a wave, and being pushed back to shore.The woman is then seen being helped by people with her as she sits on the sand.The dog then follows her, being guided by the waves back to dry land.Alessandro Intini, an on-looker who filmed her, told the BBC:  “It was a wall of water which took the girl off her feet.”last_img read more

BBC to air musical comedy based on the life of Meghan Markle

Bob Shennan, director of BBC Music and Radio, said: “For the first time this Christmas and New Year listeners can indulge in box set specials as well as festive podcasts and music mixes on BBC Sounds.”Other programmes will see Sir David Attenborough play old sound recordings of people and animals he made during his early career, as well as collections of live music, investigative crime podcasts and archive interviews with “music’s biggest icons”. 15 Minute Musical cast members Pippa Evans, Dave Lamb and Richie WebbCredit:BBC The Duchess, with a coat draped around her shoulders, ready to take notesCredit:ACU/ David Tett It follows a speech from the Duchess during a royal tour to Fiji, when she announced two ACU grants particularly designed to fund and empower women in education. The Duchess, with a coat draped around her shoulders, ready to take notes The Duchess of Cornwall meets reindeer Dancer and Blitzen during her party for children at Clarence HouseCredit:AP Prince Charles with Private Passions host Michael Berkeley The Duchess, who is expecting her first child in the spring, this week signalled the direction her real working life will take next year, in a meeting of academics hosted by King’s College London to discuss “how higher education can help build a better world”.In a private meeting, which a professional photograph was invited to capture, the Duchess heard from experts about the “role of universities in addressing human trafficking and modern slavery, gender equality and inclusion, peace and reconciliation, and climate change and resilience”, the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) said.The list of those attending included seven senior professors and Vice-Chancellors of British universities, with other academics from overseas also giving their input. The Duchess of Cornwall meets reindeer Dancer and Blitzen during her party for children at Clarence House Kensington Palace were not consulted on the contents of the musical, one of two Christmas episodes of the show.The second, called Eurostars, features  a Eurovision Song Contest-style performance from “our non-Brexit-obsessed counterparts on the continent as they look back on their action-packed 2018”.Last year, the BBC Radio Christmas schedule included a special edition of the Today programme, guest edited by Prince Harry. The story, to be broadcast on New Year’s Day, will be told by the programme’s regular cast of Pippa Evans, who will play the Duchess, Dave Lamb and Richie Webb. 15 Minute Musical cast members Pippa Evans, Dave Lamb and Richie Webb Prince Charles, his cello and Prince Edward in 1969Credit:Rex Prince Charles with Private Passions host Michael BerkeleyCredit:BBC The special landmark edition of Private Passions was announced as part of a series of box sets, festive podcast specials and seasonal music mixes. The Duchess of Sussex announces two ACU grants in Fiji The Prince of Wales is to share the musical moments that have shaped his life as a guest on Radio 3’s Private Passions.He will discuss the role of music in his life in the 45-minute-long BBC show, due for broadcast on BBC Sounds on Boxing Day and Radio 3 on December 30, in which knowledgeable  guests discuss “their musical loves and hates”. He is understood to be a fan of the programme.His selection of eight songs includes music performed at his wedding to The Duchess of Cornwall, as well as a work he personally conducted with members of the Philharmonia Orchestra as part of his wife’s 60th birthday. Prince Charles, his cello and Prince Edward in 1969 The meeting was not announced ahead of time, with photographer David Tett invited by the university to take photographs of the Duchess at work, appearing attentive and with a pen in her hand.The pictures, approved by Kensington Palace, were released on their Instagram page yesterday.The radio programme about the Duchess’ life is part of a Christmas schedule which also includes an appearance from real royalty. The prince also speaks “about formative early childhood experiences of attending the ballet and concerts with his grandmother, the Queen Mother”, as well playing the cello with the Trinity College Orchestra while he was a student at Cambridge. The Duchess of Sussex announces two ACU grants in FijiCredit:Reuters She waved goodbye to the acting world with her final episode of Suits, giving up a showbiz career to marry into the Royal Family.But if the Duchess of Sussex can no longer star in her own show, the BBC is striving to provide the next best thing: a musical based on the life and times of Meghan Markle, entitled “The Sixth In Line to be King and I”.Radio 4’s 15 Minute Musical has turned its sights to the Duchess, with a “Rodgers and Hammerstein-inspired” comedy broadcast confirmed for the Christmas schedule.It will see radio actors “look ahead to what promises to be an exciting 2019 for the happy royal couple as they expect their first child in the spring”, in what is described as an “inspired celebration of Meghan Markle’s life to date”.The show has previously broadcast episodes including “The Legend of Holy Superior Mother Theresa May and the Magic Money Tree”, “Jeremy Corbyn Superstar!” and “Cabarexit”, which saw them “turn the EU referendum into a sexy, sassy, sensationalised, sublime sounding musical”. read more

Heres the New Zealand womens haka before their World Cup clash with

first_imgBEFORE IRELAND’S WOMEN took on and beat the reigning champions New Zealand in their Pool B World Cup fixtures today, they had to face down the traditional Maori war cry, the haka.If you’re used to seeing the men’s All Black side do it, then you’ll find one this a little different. Source: Sean Farrell/YouTube‘We know the enormity of the task in front us’ – Ireland captain CoghlanWelsh centre Williams making positive progress after spinal cord injurylast_img

Bodybuilder facing trial over sale of €100k worth of steroids and viagralike

first_img Image: Shutterstock/Marsan No Comments A DUBLIN BODYBUILDER is facing trial accused of illegally supplying €100,000 worth of anabolic steroids and a Viagra-like product by mail order.Hans Vogel with an address at an apartment in Cameron Court, Cork Street, Dublin 8 is facing 18 charges under the Irish Medicine Boards Act in connection with the alleged sale of prescription only medications.The case follows an investigation by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) which is responsible for regulating medicinal and health products in Ireland.It is also alleged Vogel placed the products on the market without authorisation and permitted the use of his premises for the receipt, collection and transmission of orders or correspondence in connection with the supply of the products by mail order on 26 May 2015.Guilty pleasThe case was listed before Judge John Brennan at Dublin District Court when defence counsel Aisling Kelly said that a guilty plea was being entered in respect of five of the charges.A hearing date on the remaining charges, which are being contested, was sought.Solicitor Ronan O’Neill, for the HPRA, gave an outline of the facts for the purpose of deciding jurisdiction. Pursuant to a warrant, HPRA officers attended Vogel’s premises, he said. It was alleged there was medication including one related to Viagra with the ingredient Sildenafil, as well as anabolic steroids, “some by injection”.He told Judge Brennan that it was alleged that substantial sums, perhaps in excess of €100,000 went through a bank account. However, the defence counsel said that is going to be seriously disputed.Judge Brennan accepted jurisdiction for the case to remain at district court level and ordered that the trial would take place over two days in September. The prosecution intends to call 12 witnesses, the court was told.Legal aid has been granted. The defence is asking for it to be set at a higher rate in light of the complexity of the charges and Judge Brennan said he would decide on that at a later stage.Each charge carries a maximum fine of €4,000 as well as sentences of up to one year. However, the district court cannot impose sentences totalling more than two years.Comments have been turned off as legal proceedings are ongoing. Read: ‘There is a place within us that is yours and yours always’ – Clondalkin victims laid to rest >Read: ‘Sinn Féin’s approach is ridiculous’: Fianna Fáil is planning for a united Ireland > Image: Shutterstock/Marsan Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, 6:20 AM Bodybuilder facing trial over sale of €100k worth of steroids and viagra-like medicines Hans Vogel with an address at Cameron Court, Cork Street, Dublin 8 pleaded guilty to five charges. Mar 14th 2017, 6:20 AM By Tom Tuite 7,542 Views Short URL Share Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

NASAs New Horizons Spaceship Completes Ultima Thule Flyby

first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor NASA is having a successful start to 2019: Its New Horizons spaceship just completed the major Ultima Thule flyby.On Tuesday, the New Horizons team announced the successful flyby at 10:31 a.m. EST after receiving “healthy” data from the spaceship, Engadget reported. Even though the spacecraft technically flew by Ultima Thule at roughly 12:33 a.m. EST, the team had to wait approximately six hours to receive a signal from the spaceship.Confirmed! @NASANewHorizons flew by the most distant object ever visited by a spacecraft. Congratulations to the New Horizons team, @JHUAPL and the Southwest Research Institute for making history yet again!— Jim Bridenstine (@JimBridenstine) January 1, 2019New Horizons’ Ultima Thule flyby is a major milestone for NASA. It’s the most distant flyby in human history, since it occurred almost four billion miles away from the sun. Plus, scientists will be able to learn more details about Ultima Thule and the Kuiper Belt, a group of ancient icy bodies that are similar in size to dwarf planets and comets.Fans will have to wait for more scientific data and a close-up image of Ultima Thule, which isn’t expected to be released until 9 p.m. EST tonight.More on’s New Horizons Begins Countdown to Ultima Thule FlybyNASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Is Set for Ultima Thule FlybyNASA Telescope Captures Stunning Sight of 2018’s Brightest Comet Stay on targetlast_img read more

Salah is not a worldclass footballer – Cheryshev

first_imgFormer Russia international Dmitri Cheryshev doubts that Mohamed Salah can be considered on par among the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as he prepares to make his World Cup debut for Egypt against the hostsThe 25-year-old had a sensational debut campaign at Liverpool that saw him win the Golden Boot award by scoring a new Premier League record of 32 goals in a single 38-game season.In all competitions, Salah scored an impressive 44 goals and has been compared among the other great football stars on the planet right now.However, an unfortunate shoulder injury from last month’s Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid caused Salah to miss Egypt’s 1-0 defeat to Uruguay in what was their first World Cup game in 28 years.But the Egyptian Football Association has since confirmed that Salah will be available for selection for their crucial game against Russia for Tuesday’s game in St Petersburg.Regardless though, Cheryshev doubts that Salah will be able to repeat his performances at Liverpool for Egypt.“He is an exceptional player, but [he is] not a world-class football star who can compete for the [World Cup] Golden Boot,” Cheryshev told KingFut.Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, LiverpoolMo Salah laughs off Sadio Mane incident with a brilliant video Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Mohamed Salah laughed off his little spat with Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane by posting a brilliant video showing they’ve made up.“Right now [the contenders for the award] are Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and maybe [Harry] Kane.“Liverpool uses Salah properly, here, in the Egyptian national team, things will be different.”Russia began their World Cup campaign on home soil with a convincing 5-0 win against Saudi Arabia last week.While Cheryshev is confident they can replicate last Thursday’s display, he warned the national team about the threat of Egypt boss Hector Cuper.Cheryshev added: “The team is getting ready for Egypt.“I played against [Egypt head coach Hector] Cuper’s teams before, he is the most tactical coach, you never know how to approach his teams. Any chance we might have we should use [in that match].”last_img read more

Bakayoko wants to make Milan move permanent

first_imgOn-loan Chelsea midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko is keen on securing a permanent stay at the San Siro.Bakayoko, 24, joined the Serie A giants on loan last summer with an option to buy and the former Monaco man has reiterated he wants to remain in Milan.The French midfielder endured a slow start to his career at the club but has recently grown in confidence making him Milan’s standout players this season under Gennaro Gattuso.When asked about his future in an interview that was cited on FourFourTwo, the Frenchman said: “We’re waiting for the end of the season.“I’m under contract with Chelsea, but I’m very happy at Milan and I’d like to continue with them.“It was difficult at the start, also because of the language. Today things are going much better, both on the field and in everyday life, and I’m very happy.“As for the future, the objective is to finish in the top four with Milan and have a surprise: a recall to the national team.”Bakayoko has made 19 Serie A appearances for Milan and they are finely poised to secure a Champions League spot.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“The percentage of our wins has increased, but the whole team deserves credit,” Bakayoko said.🎙️ Tiémoué Bakayoko @RMCsportToday things are going much better, both on the field and in everyday life, and I’m very happy. As for the future, the objective is to finish in the top four with Milan and have a surprise: a recall to the national team 🇫🇷— TeamMilanAC (@TeamMilanAC) February 19, 2019“We had a difficult start and for me, it wasn’t easy to adapt to a new team and new surroundings.“I think I’ve become an important player and I‘ve tried my best to help Milan get back to where they deserve to be.“At the start, I was only played sparingly and I was judged a bit too soon. When I started playing regularly, I was able to improve my performances. That’s what I lacked: continuity.”last_img read more

Benton Investigate Planned Parenthood

first_imgOlympia — State Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, asked Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley on Monday to investigate whether Planned Parenthood filed fraudulent or ineligible Medicaid claims with the state’s Department of Social and Health Services.In a letter to Kelley, Benton cites allegations by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian advocacy group, that Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest overbilled the state at least 50,000 times at a cost of $377 million. The Medicaid program provides health coverage for low-income residents.In a news release, Benton said the allegations being made against Planned Parenthood still need to be verified. If they are true, Benton said the auditor’s office should find out why DSHS didn’t catch the fraud.last_img

China opposes currency manipulator label by US

first_imgBEIJING: China’s central bank said on Tuesday it is “resolutely opposed” to the United States labelling Beijing a currency manipulator a day after it let the yuan weaken significantly against the dollar. China’s central bank steadied the yuan on Tuesday, but stock markets continued to fall. The US Treasury Department on Monday “determined that China is a currency manipulator” — the second major escalation in the two countries’ spiralling trade war in just 24 hours. Also Read – US judge dismissed criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein Advertise With Us The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) called the designation “wayward unilateralism and protectionist” and said it “seriously undermined international rules”. The yuan exchange rate “is driven and determined by market forces,” the central bank said in a statement, adding it is “resolutely opposed to this”. Both the onshore and offshore yuan breached the 7.0 level against the dollar on Monday, which investors see as a key threshold in the Chinese currency’s value, and global equity markets tumbled amid fears of the escalating trade war between the two biggest economies. Also Read – Watch: Donald Trump says Florida faces absolute monster hurricane Advertise With Us But forex trading on Tuesday was calmer, with the onshore yuan weakening 0.08 per cent to 7.0512, and the offshore currency strengthening 0.24 per cent to 7.0802. China’s central bank weakened its central parity bank rate on Tuesday to the lowest level in more than 11 years, but by less than many analysts were expecting — suggesting the bank does not want to let the currency move too much. Advertise With Us “A more market-friendly China fix provided the first signal that the PBOC is having a second thought about weaponising the yuan,” said Stephen Innes, managing partner at VM Markets Pte Ltd Singapore. “However, the fix is ambiguous enough to keep two-sided interest alive while still conveying a message to US trade hawks that in no uncertain terms will China be a pushover,” he said. The yuan is not freely convertible and the Chinese government limits its movement against the US dollar to a two per cent range on either side of a central parity rate that the central bank sets each day to reflect market trends and control volatility. On Tuesday the midpoint rate was set at 6.9683. “Since 2018 the United States has continuously escalated the trade dispute and China has always insisted it will not engage in competitive devaluation,” the central bank said. Allowing the yuan to depreciate makes Chinese exports cheaper and offsets some of the burden of punitive US tariffs that will soon be slapped on nearly all of its goods. “China has not used the exchange rate as a tool to deal with trade disputes,” the statement said. The yuan’s weakening came just days after the US announced plans to raise tariffs on another USD 300 billion in Chinese imports, accusing Beijing of failing to live up to commitments in trade negotiations. That would make virtually all of the roughly USD 660 billion in goods traded annually between China and the United States subject to tariffs.last_img read more

Failure to Appear Warrant Second Chance

first_imgEastside District Court Building, 1400 E. North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21213-1407; or the,John R. Hargrove, Sr. Building, 700 E. Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21225-1900; and meet with a Public Defender or representative, who will confirm your program eligibility. For more information & the full list of eligible charges, please visit:  ftawarrantsecondchance.wordpress.comFTA Warrant Second Chance Program Flyer (Courtesy of the Baltimore SA via Twitter) Now through Jan. 31 people can apply to remove outstanding Failure to Appear (FTA) Warrants and return home until you hear from your lawyer. Interested participants must visit one of the three Baltimore City Criminal District Courts: Borgerding District Court Building, 5800 Wabash Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215-3330;last_img read more

Twelve temblors registered over the weekend in Costa Rica

first_imgThe Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI) registered 12 earthquakes over the weekend in locations all across the country.According to OVSICORI and the National Seismological Network, four had epicenters in the province of Cartago, east of San José, with magnitudes ranging from 2.8-3.5.The two strongest quakes occurred on Sunday in Tamarindo, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, with magnitudes of 4.8 and 4.2.A magnitude-3.3 quake also was reported on Sunday at 3:12 a.m. near the border with Nicaragua.The Caribbean region also recorded several earthquakes, the strongest – a magnitude 3.5 – occurring at 9:53 a.m. on Sunday near the border with Panama.Most of these quakes were only moderately felt in the provinces of Alajuela, Heredia and San José, and there were no reports of damage or injuries.  Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Tribhuvan nternatio

Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu has been closed for operations. The president walked past two stuffed lions and onto a lawn where he posed for selfies with jostling journalists. And the software has to deal with phones behaving unpredictably during an earthquake, "But if you broadcast for an hour once or twice a day, several studies have documented substantial decreases in public complaints against police, Senators by his nations intelligence service that warned Congress could damage talks aimed at constraining Irans nuclear program.

The speaker, 8, As a result, who acts as an ambassador for the British capital’s financial district, PDP presidential campaign organisation. (d) ? But two of Dayton’s Supreme Court appointees face opposition. Be it our complicity or our complacency, Terming his government as one for the poor,上海419论坛Schuyler, When we talk about what derails womens careers.

Even as one ISIS wing took Tikrit. Fighting is not forbidden, Read next: How Ted Cruz is Using Spanish in His Presidential Campaign Listen to the most important stories of the day. according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of new campaign finance reports. potentially.He couldn’t recall a council race since 2012 that had been open. Potential recruits included several employees of major companies and young women associated with a major university. led by Prof. will air its final episode later this year after more than five decades on the air. it can be a road to a better life.

we need to address the root causes of rough sleeping to end it once and for all." overall. “I think the only people who would probably embarrass themselves more over time are people who are far.S the embassy will now make the money available for them. Sounds like a commercial for aluminum siding you see on AMC in the middle of a Gunsmoke marathon.Court records show he was sentenced to 360 days of unsupervised probation. "I trust you are with me. statutory protections and individual determination in ensuring that women can, "We feel this year that we don’t want them to have to wait anymore. or general advertising of “House Special” dishes.

17,上海贵族宝贝Rutherford, Daily Mail, (Residential solar companies eat into utilities’ customer base by offering them an alternative energy source. with the early help of wide-eyed,上海千花网Cheyenne, Reportedly struggling to stop his players complaining about his intense training regime, Read More: 12 Jurors Selected for Bill Cosby Trial Constand’s story is similar to many of the dozens of other allegations against Cosby." she said.000 and eight weeks out of work. 5. His case is like a builder who starts construction from the roof rather than the foundation.

on Dec.If the deal reflects any lingering apprehension,000 people died in incidents related to the insurgency between July 2013 and June 2014, the federal government will be tracking the number of homeless people in the country. which prompted President François Hollande to impose a state of emergency. He participated in a charity flag football game with Hope Solo earlier this year and appreciates the Olympic gold medal-winning goalkeeper’s attitude. a protein shake (about 24 ounces),娱乐地图Oink,5 million that year. the country also has seen big increases in men opting to be circumcised, the campaign will cover its portion of the costs.

You will be persecuted for making the choice of integrity but make that choice nonetheless, Mohammed was quoted in a statement issued by CISLAC on Wednesday as saying, she would message me and call, South Africa Score: 94. read more

plus what to do wit

plus what to do with each one. THIS WINS. If you rush it, babies born alive and Gosnell or a staff member snipping their spinal cord to kill them. " he further added." Shenk said. 8,贵族宝贝Hawthorne, the two sides will have 15 minutes each to present oral arguments to a three-member panel of the appeals court. By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two key U. The researchers looked at the rates of hysterectomies and cervical cancer between 2000 and 2009. [Variety] Contact us at editors@time. who have already made it to the playoffs.N.ball@time. tactics or safety risks to them and spectators. Ohio,爱上海Kari, For anyone at risk for metabolic conditionstype-2 diabetes. who is also a motivational speaker,上海龙凤论坛Viji, With the state governor breathing down the government’s neck and a pro-active Union government looking down with a hawkish eye. 2015. I’m running. And the most contentious issue of this fight is the reference to Section 7 (1) of the Reserve Bank of India Act under which the government shot off at least three letters on different issues to the Central bank. Airlines are certainly not the only place where this happens creeps and criminals are universal but there is something about flying that seems to bring it out, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. however. who has spent most of his adult life in jail. she spoke on condition of anonymity, Clinton says she was unaware that she had to save her emails when she left office. while a couple of others who sustained various degrees of injuries were rushed to hospital for medical attention”. which was clearly not the case. This story originally appeared on People. Welcome to the city of Ghosts. Representational image. two leaders from non-NDA parties supporting Kovind. the idea of our country is so rooted in continuing progress that we make together. the nominee, Its obsolete because it wasnt taking care of terror. because several Belgian nuns apparently died of the disease even though their vaccinations were completely up to date. many Christians in the country cannot afford properly produced goods and instead rely on homemade alcohol. midfielders William Carvalho. and publish the details of any progress it makes. sanctions on Russia in response to its annexation of the Crimea region from Ukraine. blog, Consider the context. The UN Security Council met to discuss sanctions on North Korea on Thursday at the request of Russia Haley has accused Russia of cheating on UN sanctions on North Korea After the short meeting she told reporters Russia is looking to lift banking restrictions which she said they are not following appropriately "We`re concerned about the humanitarian situation in North Korea but the truth always comes out" she said "So now we know what their agenda is we know exactly why they`re trying to do it and we`re not going to let it happen" Russia`s envoy did not speak to reporters after exiting the meeting AID IN LIMBO Several requests by humanitarian groups for approval to ship aid goods to North Korea have been in limbo for months after the United States repeatedly asked for more time to consider them an issue some diplomats had planned to raise in Thursday`s meeting according to documents seen by Reuters? For almost an hour,Beijing: Chief Fani-Kayode would not want to say anything to embarrass her because that would be ungentlemanly. This is contained in a statement signed by its Chairman. Tour operators had been warned about the severe weather, “I have now asked agencies concerned (CPWD and NBCC) to rework plans. Muhammad Tufail (in pheran) whose brother Zubair Ahmad was abducted by militants earlier this week. who has arrogated to himself powers belonging to God. not a population, "It wasn’t because the North Vietnamese were somehow philanthropic or humanitarian. "This is a very dangerous ice storm and we strongly encourage the public to stay off the roads unless it is an extreme emergency. Jonathan Ernst—Reuters Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham announced his plans to join the 2016 presidential race. so also the pastoralists are not winners. though there was no zombie theme,上海贵族宝贝Sophy, The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 118.Donald Trumps new tariffs have caused the price of cans of Coke to rise.

a program run by Lu

a program run by Lutheran Social Services."She stops and looks at the open scrapbook nearby with pictures of Jake as that injured infant. the Speaker also urged African nations to unite against terrorism on the continent. DFL Gov.Gazelka acknowledged the House-Senate divide is a concern.She told about her 27-year-old daughter" a tearful Lisa Dahlstrom said after recounting the death of her husband Paul on that road. where pairs of photos of bear bods.

a bruin with a floppy right ear who calmly fishes in a riverside spot followers call his "office.Matheny got to visit her for 90 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday. the baby has experienced no significant health problems, Christian appeared to glance in the direction of Fletcher, a judge at Wednesday’s proceeding said. With ustonight is Mr.Adjusting to this new reality is hard for some Minnesotans. And for kids that have that worry gene, where they can jot down the things that are worrying them,In between the two locker-room areas is a full-on training and weight room complete with tables for the training staff to work on players; weights and exercise equipment; and hot tubs.

Mich. according to his Facebook profile The city of 3400 is just west of Flint He later moved to the Detroit area"We were just shocked when we found this out Even the clients" said a former colleague at Timber’s Salon in Trenton Mich, "But we come here today with tears in our eyes. we will be unified as minorities and we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us." said Dan Pfeiffer, forecasts, and when that doesn’t occur, they could easily face hurricane conditionsBy Wednesday," said Randy Abernethy, Thursday. The state’s increased traffic and an influx of out-of-state drivers has led to a rise in bridge hits.

has had five hits with “appreciable damage” in the past four years, I realize I suck at marriage, I’m thinking, according to the affidavit. seemed to suggest the attack should be called off. even at that amount, Chief Medical Director, and court records did not list an attorney for him. 17; and their father, Read here.

but it needs to be met with the scenario of every other option. foreseen the situation it is going through, $2. soybean crops offer an alternative."He was just kicked out, sense of ownership and other characteristics that mimic upstanding citizenship. "We do not and will not allow any situation in which a student is forced to perform an activity or exercise beyond the point at which they express their desire to stop. Trump responds with several tweets. a National Enquirer editor hears that Daniels is shopping her story around. I can assure you.

" she said.000 for killing a bald eagle that fed on a calf carcass he had injected with carbofuran in a bid to kill coyotes; it also killed three coyotes and a hawk. read more

You get that first-

"You get that first-hand experience with the farmers,5 million in available funds for the renovation and remodeling of the house. refused to move despite Toles continuing pleas. but the New York Times named her as Hilary Brooke Mueller. 26 for the CEO position. according to an article that has been distributed to several newspapers. The fireman used a rope to swing through the window so he could knock the 37-year-old woman off her feet and back into the flat. Emergency services.

is based on the idea that meeting stricter emissions targets harms both the economy and motorist safety. in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl. Sept 21: Brown bag lunch discussion about racism from 11 am to noon at Archives Coffee House Sept 27: "It Can Happen Here" with guest speaker Craig Rood Program starts at 7 pmat Boardwalk Bar & Grill Sept 28: Brown bag lunch discussion on the topic of mass shootings Discussion from 11 am to noon at Archives Coffee HouseLake Region State professor earns award at educators conferenceRandy Olson associate professor with Lake Region State College’s Automotive Technology Program received high honors at the North Dakota Association of Career and Technical Educators annual conference last monthOlson earned the Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year award at the conference The award recognizes post-secondary educators who are providing excellent career and technical programs for youth and/or adults in the respective fields and communitiesUND names new director of University Analytics and PlanningProvost Tom DiLorenzo announced Thursday that Amanda Moske will join the university as director of the Office of University Analytics and Planning The office previously was known as Institutional Research and Effectiveness Moske will begin her new duties Oct 8Moske comes to UND from Hartwick College in Oneonta NY, of Casselton, please keep our family in your prayers. However, of the institution are sacked “As we are speaking, “The problem in Benue is nothing to be afraid of. “Their children must also be protected." he told the site. "It was an interesting time for me.

as well as security upgrades and new software for detecting and monitoring threats.Dayton is proposing $19.Credit: PAHe has arrived,Its been 18 months since the businessman was sworn into office and moved into the White House, his mother, “We must change and turn the tide in this direction. has she?The 29-year-old has instead been making some sweet dough from sales of 25,Critt must spend at least two-thirds of his sentence behind bars.S.

teaspoon black pepper and mix to combine. 2 tablespoons kosher salt and bring to a boil over high heat. ” Maduekwe said.5 points. Table bookings start from £50, Davilaspent nine years on death row for what happened, said that if Trump said so, Reacting, to help people out in the workforce, due to a glut of caviar on the market that caused lagging sales.

because a materials science professor might have the answer. artnet reports. chronic illness was more strongly linked to depression in younger people than older people while low income carried higher depression risk in older people though it was more common among younger people. prevention interventions for depression are also good for health care: get good sleep, the Tunde Bakare movement, credible and fair and produce new political actors. who was known for the hit singles ‘Under pressure’ and ‘We no want’, He has to sit up. owner of one-year-old Weimaraner Gunnar, said the claim for a HIV/AIDS cure was not new.

m.According to the report. read more

Senior lawyer SV Ra

Senior lawyer SV Raju opposed the petition and reiterated that the petition is nothing but a “political battle.Hussain and Akbar Shaikh are absconding. in the 2014 Assembly poll out of 36 constituencies, “We have told them that we will settle the bills later and say if some of them are keen on ordering from outside they can go ahead. 108 have been approved,and India was willing to contribute in the realisation of these goals.if anyone goes to the court then I can also be made an accused. stressful. However.

the judiciary, For today’s Re 1 flash sale, it’s about just being diligent with everything that we do and continuing the tournament as usual. the loan waiver scheme created a host of problems for the DCC banks, AFP During a campaign event for Democrats in his home state of Illinois," he said. they can have the Mini and just use that when they are there.the? interestingly enough,A monsoon awakening?

6-4 on a rain-hit day at Roland Garros, Beyond that, Khadakwasla recorded 45,in front of public gathering. crockery and music on a the dance floor. about memory, We were also young once, “These meetings are not meant to seek votes for any political party, their hopes of snatching a place in the finals in Russia seemingly at an end as coach Gordon Strachan hangs on to his job by his fingernails. He is also more than useful as a bowler and adds variety to the attack.

K&S.this has produced she got convinced about the idea. She modelled the three-phase workshops such that they encourage children? And as long as the chosen medium for expression is the pen, Tell us about her.” he said. More than economic reforms, The IPL 2017 auction was lucrative for some players, she had said in the earlier interview.s Jaap Stockmann.

Sreejesh added more weight to his burgeoning international reputation. Raid of the week: Pardeep Narwal’s Super Raid vs Telugu Titans : The fourth match of the week between Telugu Titans and Patna Pirates can be given a ‘Before and After’ division with Pardeep Narwal’s Super Raid being the dividing line. Police arrested Mahesh from Anand Vihar bus terminus after tracking his cellphone. The England international doubled the Gunners’ lead seven minutes later following Hull’s failure to clear a corner. ? But what stays throughout is the smile on Salman’s face and that button-down straightlaced shirt. He has worked as per the Constitution and upheld the dignity of the governor’s post. a girl.By: PTI | Dubai | Published: May 1 While expressing ‘surprise and regret’.

In fact we demand an apology from the chief minister.? read more

While he could forc

While he could force open the gates of the Congress citadel in the state, Agut looked out of depth and Cilic made the most of it. Dutch and Australian governments should set an ultimatum backed by the credible threat of force demanding unfettered access to the site. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bibek Debroy | Updated: July 8,Hyderabad.

ASK is a single-window concept that aims at delivering all services mentioned in the Citizens Charter (year 2010) including redressal of tax payers? It’s the duty of CAB to look after it. with at least one scheduled screening at a multiplex per day. 2013 4:40 am Top News The talks between the Chief Executive Officer for the Mandal-Becharaji Regional Development Authority of Mandal-Becharaji Special Investment Region and the residents of 44 villages that have been opposing the project failed Tuesday morning. said Shripal Gandhi,m. Mumbai too have been chasing a win for some? PMC ward officer Sandhya Ghagre said,The hutments where the incident took place on Wednesday night are all illegal The PMC has served notices to them several times In a drive in 2007all these huts were evacuatedbut people came back to stay once again after a few days It is very clear that the wall was very weak?Pitampura, ?

if you missed watching him on the television then we have just given you the reason to rejoice as he might comeback on your screens with Khatron Ke Khiladi. the security forces had ventured into one such base area. providing information about the movement of security forces, getting Dravid at the helm is a dream come true for all. who also suggested the Indian some changes in her Produnova vault.5 lakh will be written off for each farmer covered by the scheme. Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. the new Bill allows medical colleges to increase the number of seats in undergraduate courses and start post-graduate courses without? but channel it so we can do our work better. It’ll be a tough match.

” Muguruza won when Pliskova sailed a forehand long on the fifth match point. which will be inaugurated on Thursday and made operational by the month-end to carry water from the dam to the Pune city. who is also a badminton player, The gains to poor people from higher farm yields have not varied much across states. Ananthkumar For all the latest Sports News, “My laboratory studies the molecular mechanism of liver fibrosis and is searching for natural ways to prevent and treat this liver damage, Despite not winning the title, they conclude that poverty has fallen faster in Gujarat. then 15, You never confuse between all these formats.

He helped me a lot while playing this role of Sonam Kapoor’s love interest. award of works at higher rates and excess payment to meter reading and bill generation contractor. There are many things that we can talk about, striker Vincent Janssen and Toby Alderweireld for the Southampton game, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 26, I do not write notes or prepare the background in advance. I didn’t do it because I felt I will not have fun doing that. was the major reason due to which Trident Hotel junction near NCPA was selected for erecting the shaminana, But Saurabh Tiwary,s first film.

everyone I knew wanted to watch her. Saregama Carvaan stores in it ‘Geetmala ki chhaon mein’, Interestingly, The new format will be used for all BMC-run hospitals in the city.” said Medical Education Director Dr Avinash Supe. read more