NAHBS – Wicked Titanium Cruiser, Club Racer, 29er and More from Black Sheep…

first_imgReally, can you have too many pictures of a bike like this?This one is the Pista, a vintage path racer looking bike that’s built up with thoroughly modern parts in the drivetrain and classic wood for rims and headset detail.Nice details include wood inlays in the custom Cane Creek Ti headset and fork legs that finish straight up.Custom adjustable length stem and sweet mustache handlebars.  Hmmm…wonder what kind of stash you could hid in that stem…As built, this Pista has White Industries hubs, pedals and cranks and would retail for about $5,500.  That means you’re getting a pretty sweet deal on the components because the frame is $4,000 and the S&S couplers are $750.Sliding dropouts let you get the tension just right, and a frame break just above the dropout would allow for a belt drive to be installed. NAHBS 2010 – I’m going to go ahead and say it: Black Sheep had the biggest collection of 100% bad ass bikes of any other booth there.  All titanium, they covered the gamut of speedy fixed gears (above), 29er mountain bike, cargo bike and a quick looking path racer.  Coupled with the frames they were building for Vuelo Velo, their frame designs and shapes were, in a word, wicked.Shown above is the singlespeed speedster, featuring S&S couplers and a sweet criss-cross seatstay.  The curvy frame is accentuated by their custom spear-tip handlebars, semi-integrated seatmast and smoothly shaped fork legs.Check out more after the break, you’ll be glad you did…The twisted spoke lacing on the front wheel and the pointy handlebars give the bike a sinister demeanor.  A lot of steel forks at the show are capped with lugs, but these come up and weld to the steerer tube.  The custom stem uses a separate faceplate since there’s no way that bar is sliding through.One of Black Sheep’s designs on several of their bikes are these sliding chainstays called HACS (Horizontally Adjustable Chain Stays).  They allow for proper chain tension on fixies and singlespeeds, and they give a frame break for inserting a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. Probably the baddest commuter bike you’re likely to see in a while.  Their new cargo bike design didn’t even come in until the second day of the show it’s so fresh, but it quickly had crowds all around it.Your first instinct is to look at the built-in cargo rack, but closer inspection up front reveals a unique take on the truss fork design.  Rather than attach to a separate steerer tube clamp like most, this one is connected directly to the handlebar, allowing for a shorter stack height and bruiser front end.There are plenty of square, straight racks, and some racks with custom floral or other designs welded in, but this swept back, pointed design is just awesome.  Look closely, and you’ll see that the rear brake hose pops out of the frame just in front of the rack’s support.  The front hub dyno powers the headlight and, through hidden wiring, illuminates that tiny LED rear light on the back of the rack.Note the ever-so-slightly curved seat tube, continuing the overall swoop of the frame.  From what we can tell, Black Sheep is pretty good at assembling a total package.The cargo frame uses the same adjustable chainstays as the others.  As shown, this bike is around $7,000+ complete.Last but not least, their new 29er mountain bike called “El Culibra” which loosely translates to “The Snake” (nevermind the gender confusion and misspelling…it should be “La Culebra”), and is their single speed race bike. Featuring a mixte-style frame, the outer top tubes flow past the seat tube to become stays and offer a bit of vertical compliance.  The frame uses their Faith Ti truss fork in standard configuration.The double barrel downtube adds style points and allows for pretty wide attachment points at the bottom bracket to enhance stiffness.Solid chainstay brace.  Solid.This frame has their second-generation HACS.  Originally, they were round tubes, but overtightening the screws could ovalize or indent the inner tube, making them hard to slide and adjust.  The new version has small ridges on a flat surface, and the bolt fixes to those without having to harm the tube.Non drive side has a disc brake reinforcement brace.  The frame weight is about 3lb 3oz (1,446g) and will set you back $3,400.  The fork is $1,000 and the handlebar is $550.  Each bike is custom built with specific tube shapes, diameters and sizes to fit you and your riding style.  Black Sheep has about a 3-4 month wait list at present.last_img read more

Baited rabies vaccine to be distributed the week of August 1

first_imgVermont Business Magazine The annual Rabies Bait Drop, a week-long, cooperative effort between the State of Vermont and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Wildlife Services to stop the spread of the rabies, starts on August 1.Rabies vaccine — in the form of a sweet-smelling oral bait that is attractive to raccoons and skunks — will be dropped in rural areas of Vermont from low-flying aircraft and placed by hand in residential centers. Approximately 450,000 quarter-sized blister packs containing rabies vaccine will be distributed in nearly 100 Vermont communities across nine counties. A switch allows pilots to control where the baits fall, in order to avoid roadways, homes and other places where people are most likely to be.Vermont Public Health Veterinarian Natalie Kwit said the bait packs are not poisonous, and people or animals can’t get rabies from the bait. “The rabies bait packs are not harmful to people, pets or wildlife,” said Dr. Kwit, “but it’s important to leave the packs undisturbed so that they can be eaten by wild animals.”If a bait must be moved, use gloves or a plastic bag in case the blister pack is damaged. If your pet eats a bait, or if a child brings one home, let officials know by calling the Vermont Rabies Hotline at 1-800-4-RABIES (1-800-472-2437) or call the toll-free number printed on the bait.Photo: Example of a rabies bait blister pack. Image courtesy Vermont Department of HealthRabies is a deadly viral disease of the brain that infects mammals. It is most often seen in raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats, but unvaccinated pets and livestock can also get rabies.The virus is spread primarily through the bite of an infected animal. If left untreated, rabies is almost always fatal in humans and animals. However, treatment with the rabies vaccine is nearly 100% effective when given soon after a person is bitten by a rabid animal.So far this year, five animals in Vermont have tested positive for rabies, three of which have been raccoons.According to wildlife officials, rabid animals often show a change in their normal behavior, but you cannot tell whether an animal has rabies simply by looking at it. People should not touch or pick up wild animals or strays – even baby animals.If you suspect an animal may have rabies, call the Rabies Hotline:1-800-4-RABIES (1-800-472-2437) or 1-802-223-8697Learn more about rabies in Vermont at is external).Watch a video of an aerial bait drop (West Virginia): is external)Source: BURLINGTON, VT – VDH 7.28.2020last_img read more

Overland Park’s plan for new bike lanes highlights dearth of bikeable routes in Prairie Village, says councilor

first_imgPrairie Village has relatively few marked bike routes compared to surrounding communities in Kansas City, Mo., Leawood, and Overland Park.The city of Overland Park’s vote last month to create 165 miles of new bike lanes over the next several years was welcome news to bikeability advocates throughout the metro area. But it also prompted concern from some that northeast Johnson County’s relative dearth of such infrastructure will become all the more pronounced as Overland Park builds out its bike lane network.Prairie Village City Councilor Eric Mikkelson brought up the issue at a recent city council meeting, and says Overland Park’s action should spur Prairie Village to take a serious look at building out its own bike system. He says it’s time for the city to finally take action to fulfilling a goal that was clearly laid out in the Village Vision plan adopted in 2009.“Our residents identified this as their priority in the Village Vision and Parks Master Plans years ago, and many on today’s council were elected based on promises to fulfill those plans,” Mikkelson said. “The Governing Body should resist collective ‘analysis paralysis’ when specific opportunities are presented to make our City significantly more bikeable and walkable.”Mikkelson noted that a current map of the metro area’s bike system paints an unflattering picture of Prairie Village, which is surrounded by cities with many more dedicated bike lanes and marked bike routes.Eric Rogers, the executive director of BikeWalkKC, said it would be important to the bikeability of the entire metro region for different cities and communities to have connecting routes.“Creating bike routes within each community is of course critical for giving residents more options for getting around,” he said. “As many communities in the region make progress, the connections between communities are increasingly important. Connectivity allows for seamless travel between and across communities.”The reconfiguration of Mission Road from 71st Street to 75th Street could present an early, if relatively minor, chance to make headway on the bikeability front in Prairie Village — though Public Works Director Keith Bredehoeft told the council earlier this week that he was concerned moving the project to 2016 might hinder efforts to fully assess the possibilities for bike infrastructure on the stretch.Still, Mikkelson is likely to push his council peers to prioritize bike and pedestrians projects in the coming years. It’s a matter of keeping the city attractive to families, he said.“This disconnect limits recreation and transportation options for our residents,” said Mikkelson. “Investing more in safer bike and pedestrian infrastructure would make our City more attractive to the young professionals and families who tend to value it when choosing where to live.”last_img read more

Karten petitions for readmission

first_img July 1, 2012 Regular News Karten petitions for readmission Karten petitions for readmissionAlan Ira Karten of Miami has submitted an application for Bar readmission with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.Karten was disbarred pursuant to an October 10, 2002, Supreme Court order for violating Rule 4-8.4(c) of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.The Florida Board of Bar Examiners will conduct a public hearing on Karten’s application for readmission. All members of the Bar are invited to write to the board regarding their knowledge of Karten, particularly in relation to his character and fitness for readmission.If you wish to be notified of the time and place of the hearing, submit a written request to Michele A. Gavagni, executive director of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, 1891 Eider Court, Tallahassee 32399-1750.last_img read more

Culture, Not Biology, Shapes Language

first_imgNPR:There’s no language gene.There’s no innate language organ or module in the human brain dedicated to the production of grammatical language.There are no meaningful human universals when it comes to how people construct sentences to communicate with each other. Across the languages of the world (estimated to number 6,000-8,000), nouns, verbs, and objects are arranged in sentences in different ways as people express their thoughts. The powerful force behind this variability is culture.So goes the argument in Language: The Cultural Tool, the new book I’m reading by Daniel Everett. Next week, I’ll have more to say about the book itself; this week, I want to explore how Everett’s years of living among the Pirahã Indians of Amazonian Brazil helped shape his conclusions — and why those conclusions matter.Read the whole story: NPR More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

BOP Problem Suspends Isobel Deep Well

first_imgFalkland Oil and Gas Limited (FOGL) reported that the 4/20-1 “Isobel Deep” well located offshore the Falkland Islands, has been temporarily suspended due to problems on the blowout preventer (BOP).Following the successful setting of the 13 3/8″ casing at a depth of 1273.9m metres, a problem was detected with the BOP. The well has been temporarily suspended and the BOP has been brought to surface for inspection and repairs.It is anticipated that the repairs to the BOP will take in the order of 10-14 days. Whilst these repairs are being undertaken the Eirik Raude rig will be utilised to drill the top-hole sections and set the conductor(s) on the Chatham and/or Jayne East Locations, FOGL informed.The rig will return to the Isobel Deep location to continue drilling once the BOP repairs have been completed.The well was spudded by Premier Oil, as operator, on April 8th 2015.Image: Ocean Rig[mappress mapid=”11822″]last_img read more

‘US in stronger position than UK’ to weather downturn

first_imgTop US law firms are better placed to weather the downturn than the biggest UK firms, and will be in a better position when the demand for legal services picks up, the head of the world’s biggest firm claimed this week. Eric Friedman (pictured), executive partner at US firm Skadden, said the traditional litigation and restructuring strength of big US firms allows them to outperform top UK firms during the downturn. He added that mass redundancies at some big UK firms will leave them short on expertise and fighting to rebuild their teams when the economy picks up. Skadden billed £1.33bn in 2008, toppling magic circle firm Clifford Chance as the biggest firm in the world by revenues. Last week, Clifford Chance reported a 5% fall in turnover to £1.26bn, making Linklaters the largest firm in the UK with revenues of £1.30bn, closely followed by Freshfields with £1.29bn. ‘When the demand for legal services picks up, the demand for lateral hiring shoots up most acutely among the firms that made redundancies,’ Friedman said. ‘This makes lateral hiring a hugely competitive and expensive process, because everybody is rebuilding their ranks at the same time. And the more senior you go, the more difficult and expensive it is to rebuild. ‘Without making mass layoffs, we were able to reduce our headcount pressure,’ he added. Skadden launched ‘Sidebar Plus’ in March, a programme allowing lawyers of all ranks to take a year’s sabbatical on a third of their pay and the continuation of some benefits. They were urged to undertake public interest projects: ‘Having hired, trained and developed our legal talent, we thought the scheme was a more elegant way of dealing with the problem.’ Friedman said the depth of Skadden’s litigation and bankruptcy practices had ensured a good year in 2008. ‘They provide a strong counterbalance to a troubled economic environment,’ he said. ‘Traditionally, US firms have always had bigger litigation and restructuring practices. In a challenging economic climate, they will fare better.’ Former Clifford Chance managing partner and management consultant Tony Williams agreed that the US firms’ litigation strength put them in pole position in the downturn. However, he added that UK firms had been ‘pruning rather than digging up the plants’ in making ‘necessary’ redundancies.last_img read more

Zhen Hua arrives in Rosyth

first_imgThe 81,000 dwt and 40 m wide Zhen Hua 24, carrying steel deck sections ranging in weight from 270 to 350 tonnes, was the largest vessel ever to visit the Port of Rosyth, claimed Forth Ports. In 2011, Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC) chose the Port of Rosyth as its hub for transporting materials and equipment between the port and the jobsite for the Queensferry Crossing construction project.The project has seen the port transformed with significant investment to strengthen the quayside storage areas to accommodate heavy loads, said Forth Ports.”The significant investment by Forth Ports and the FCBC project team in strengthening the quayside storage areas at North Wall; security systems; and warehousing at the port; as well as the new improved road infrastructure that the opening of the new bridge will bring, will position Rosyth as a key location for specialist project work and heavy lift operations,” said Forth Ports’ chief executive, Charles Hammond.The bridge project is expected to be completed and the bridge opened to traffic in March, 2016. read more

Roblox weekly roundup: 30th September – 6th October

first_imgApologies folks, I missed a couple of episodes of our Roblox weekly roundup but we are back with a bang this week with some great Roblox games for you to play. This week we have three very different games to recommend so hopefully you’ll enjoy at least one of them!First up this week is The Really Easy Obby by GFink. I don’t normally play that many obbys as they tend to be overly similar. This one stood out due to its innovative use of obstacles and puzzles that I haven’t seen in any other obbys. Don’t be fooled by the name either, it’s anything but easy. If you’re looking for some other obbys to play check out our top 5 obbys to play right now article.Credit: Roblox CorpNext up is Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke. As the name suggests your aim here is to try and survive the various natural disasters that appear on the map to try and kill you. Disasters include hurricanes, a deep freeze and volcanic eruptions to name just a few. As you try and survive the structures on the map are gradually destroyed making survival no easy task.Credit: Roblox CorpFinally this week we have Be a Parkour Ninja by Aurarus. Imagine if you put Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon into a Roblox game, that’s pretty much what you get here. The movement is what sets this game apart from other swordy games on Roblox. You move very fast, can scale great heights and jump around with ease. Armed with a choice of one of two swords (slow or fast), and shuriken, your aim is to simply kill as many of the other players before the timer runs down. This is by far the best game I’ve played on Roblox for ages and I’m looking forward to more maps being released.Credit: Roblox CorpThat’s it for this week, hopefully, you will like at least one if not all of our suggestions. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next week with some more great recommendations.last_img read more


first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInMembers of Dumfries and Galloway’s Diabetes team, led by Dr Fiona Green, have always taken their responsibilities seriously.  Now their dedication has been recognised in the Scottish Diabetes Managed Clinical Network Audit – a rigorous test of standards and performance which checks and compares the quality of diabetes care across Scotland. The Audit also reports that Dumfries and Galloway has the best recorded levels of glucose control and the lowest levels of patient disengagement, both significant achievements given the high prevalence of diabetes in the area and the extensive geography of the region. “Colleagues in primary care also provide us with excellent support and we will continue to work closely with them to keep providing the best diabetes care in the country.” The Diabetes Team is delighted with the results and Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Jill Maciver, said:  “We are a close knit and progressive team with fantastic leadership.  This means we are able to work together to identify areas for improvement and make any necessary changes or developments quickly and smoothly.center_img Dumfries and Galloway has the most successful and comprehensive screening services for people with diabetes in Scotland, essential in the early diagnosis and treatment of potentially serious complications. The Diabetes Team has also provided structured education, a fundamental tool in the promotion of successful self management, to the highest percentage of people with diabetes in the country. PICTURE SHOWS:  Dumfries and Galloway’s successful Diabetes Teamlast_img read more